PlayerList - Modern playerlist with unique features

V2 IS OUT! Please install the newest version (V2) as soon as possible. It includes safety improvements as well as other miscellaneous improvements.


Playerlist is a replacement for the default Roblox playerlist CoreGui. It offers many unique features:

  • RAP, verified status, country, and device indicators
  • Friends, followers, and mutuals statistics
  • Display name and username shown
  • View/buy currently wearing avatar items
  • Quick private messaging with user
  • Actions - friend, unfriend, and block
  • TAB functionality to show/hide list
  • Clean, modern, responsive UI



Playerlist is designed to be as simple as possible to add to your game. It 's just one folder that should be placed in ServerScriptService. Get it on the Creator Marketplace.


good job as usual. This is probably my favorite project made from you. You should make it so that you can view the data of other ppl’s friends. So for example you press the “Friends” section, it’ll popup a list of users and if u click on one, it’ll show the same ui which u get by clicking a user in the list.

Also you should let it so that when you click rap it’ll show the player’s limiteds as long with their rolimons value.

Last but not least, instead of having a “Notable” section, just have that checkmark ner anywhere that shows the player’s name(player list, overview,etc)


In my opinion, this is just an over engineered version of player list. I feel like all that info for a player list isn’t needed at all and could be much simpler. Also the name
Might be misleading because it’s just player list.

You probably shouldn’t be able to friend request yourself/unfriend.


The roblox verified checkmark does actually show up in the playerlist.

Good idea! I’ll add this in the next version.

This might be interesting to have, I might add it.


The buttons still show up, but you actually can’t friend request yourself.

It’s meant to be a replacement. If your game doesn’t have much of a social aspect, this probably isn’t needed, but for games with a heavy social aspect, such as hangout games, this could be useful.


Yes, was definitely thinking about this being useful in hangout/trade games. Anyways, nice resource, when I tried to make a player list I couldn’t even figure out the friend icons lol.

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What does the friend button do? Like what’s the practical use for it? Does it allow messaging between users?

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Roblox provides an API through SetCore that allows you to show a system prompt to block, friend, and unfriend another user.


Oh wow, I did not know they introduced that! Very interesting to say the least


Yeah, here’s the post for it: New SetCore Methods for prompting social actions

Took me a while to find since it’s six years old.


this is a cool resource, you should make it so the messaging and actions aren’t visible if you visit your own profile though, also I would change it so that text such as “1 months” is corrected to the proper “1 month”

you gotta come upwith a better name other then that its epic!

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I couldn’t agree more. I don’t see what is the point of this leaderboard. I’d rather build on top of roblox’s leaderboard than use a totally custom one that’s missing key features, lol

What key features if this PlayerList missing?

Perhaps you could list them here so the creator of this resource can add those features to improve the custom PlayerList.

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It looks great! It looks like the mouse is a little offset on the video, but great project!

How would I move the UI to the top left instead of top right? maybe add a bool value for the position of the list

Love the UI and fully intend on using this resource, but might be good to note that the PM feature does not censor inappropriate language in accordance with the chat filter :sweat_smile:

Might be worth it to fix that before it causes any trouble for you or anyone else :slight_smile:

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@F0xBirdmansBFF You can change the position settings of the frame. This does not affect the code.

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  • Messaging and actions will not show if looking at your own profile
  • Private messaging is now filtered
  • Some UI fixes/improvements

Make sure to update to the latest version.


How easy would it be for me to add a data stat to it on the right hand side of the name? Interested in doing that for a money system