PlayerList - Modern playerlist with unique features

You could add a TextLabel in the player frame and set the text to your data value for each player.

I really like the modern ui, I think it will complement echo chat well, though some features I will see about removing due to own necessity (particularly messaging system)

While it doesn’t include team divisions like the normal roblox playerlist (atleast it wasn’t specified to exist), I prefer it not to, if it is added in the future, maybe make it optional?


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Teams, leaderstats, player icons (Friends, place owner, star program, etc)


Hey I encountered an issue @bitsNbytez , when the playerlist becomes large (i.e. when a lot of players join) you cannot scroll up or down the list.

I tried to look into a fix but I could not solve it. I don’t know why it doesnt work when you have automatic canvas size Y…

edit fixed by removing uiconstraints (size and aspect ratio) & I used the following size: {0.087, 0},{0.36, 0}, I also encountered an issue though where it won’t scroll far enough down, so I added some code to add to canvassize.

still I would prefer a more concise fix

do you need to turn on HTTP Requests for this to fully work?

this isn’t a full auto setup

local folder = script.Parent.Parent
local repStorage = folder:WaitForChild("ReplicatedStorage")

for i, v in ipairs(repStorage:GetChildren()) do
	v.Parent = game.ReplicatedStorage -- there is only for ReplicatedStorage :/

Works with teams? and additions such as KOs/Cash etc?

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Does it support teams? (What i mean is it, does it show teams? if not how do i make it so)

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