Players are stuck in Shift-Lock mode when teleporting to another place while in first-person

I have a game that keeps the player stuck in first-person and teleports them to a third-person place. The problem is that the player’s avatar will mimic Shift-Lock mode even when Shift-Lock is disabled.
Similar to how the player’s avatar will always face the camera’s view when it is in first-person, the same behaviour occurs in third-person when they are teleported.

Steps to Reproduce:
1, Create one game and add another place within the Universe (there should be a total of 2 places)
2. The starting place (the place you first spawn when joining the game) should have the ability to teleport the player to the second place. Any method used to teleport is fine (Eg. touching a part, using ProximityPrompts, ClickDetectors etc…)
3. In the starting place, the Camera properties of StarterPlayer should have the following:

  • CameraMaxZoomDistance: 0.5
  • CameraMinZoomDistance: 0.5
  • CameraMode: LockFirstPerson
  1. Join the game and teleport to the second place, the bug should occur 100%

I’ve also found another way to reproduce this bug. Step 3 can be completely ignored. Instead, join the game and bring the player to first-person view (the cursor should be stuck in the center of the screen). Then teleporting to the next place will replicate the bug.

I’ve made a game demonstrating this, apart from the instructions above it is a normal baseplate:
The starting place
The second place

Here is a video demonstrating the bug:
The camera moves normally at the start of the video, the bug is seen when I change the player into first-person and teleport.

I first saw the bug on May 2nd, before then players were able to view the front of their character while in third-person. I hope this helps!


A good work around is to make your own custom shiftlock.

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That could work depending on the situation. However, I have a game where I don’t want shift-lock and simply want to maintain the normal camera behaviour (seen at the start of the video).
There is another workaround where the player’s camera can be forced out of first-person when they teleport, though I’d much prefer a fix instead :pensive:


This also occur on my PC, it was when i tested the UI bug and somehow replaying doesn’t fix it


I got many reports from my community about this bug. I am glad the reproduction has been found because I was really wondering what was happening. It highly impacts user experience in my game, as people have to close the Roblox app for the camera to come back to normal…


Glad to see this brought up as it really affects games with teleports in them. I hope to see this fixed soon!


We were able to reproduce your issue. We’ve filed a ticket to our internal database, and we’ll follow up when we have an update!


my apologizes, didnt read the post correctly,
yeah this can be a little annoying but an easy way to stop this is unlocking the mouse when teleporting with a remote event.
but a bug report is worth it anyway since it shouldnt even happen anyway ¯_(ツ)_/¯


It happens to me too, this bug have major consequences on Camera and Character manipulation (Like the camera going crazy on the third attached file).
And since my game is supposed to be in first person and that I have to use places teleportation this happens more than often, which break the player experience.
robloxapp-20220507-2258181.wmv (1.3 MB)
robloxapp-20220503-1449245.wmv (1.2 MB)
robloxapp-20220507-2253562.wmv (1.7 MB)


Any update on this issue? I just started seeing this problem too


This behavior also occurs on mobile, and persists across any games joined until the app is restarted. The video below replicates the steps in OP’s post, although using Adonis in-game as opposed to Studio. I also joined another game from the app to show the issue persisting across leaves/joins on mobile.

My guess as to why the issue is persistent on mobile is due to the fact that the main UI of the Roblox mobile app appears to be one big game/experience/place/whatever you’d like to call it, so the camera can’t be reset when leaving one game and joining another.

Using a TCL T790W if that’s important, btw.

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Has there been any further development on this bug?
It’s even causing issues in studio, If you playtest once; It works normally, But if you playtest again, It has the shiftlock camera bug.


Same. I’m also having this issue. It happens on both my Windows computer and my Mac.


Hey, are there any updates again? I am starting to have this issue across all of my games now, too….

Same thing, and it’s all in one place this time

Yeah, it’s such a pain, I wish there is an update :sob:

When I teleported to another place on my computer, I don’t even have to have a shift lock and my cursor gets stuck in the last position where it was. It doesn’t always happen, but if it happens I have to disconnect and connect mouse to fix it.

For now the only solution is just redoing what LockFirstPerson does and set the camera to the head cframe

Yeah that works, I also found deleting the user’s camera fixes it

Hey everyone!

We’ve been looking into this and are currently working on a fix!

Thank you for your patience.