Players Clipping into Ground

Reproduction Steps
I do not have a repro for this, it is not happening to me personally and I cannot reproduce it. I can confirm that it is happening in my live game to some users. Users are reporting that their legs are not properly colliding with the ground below them. I do not modify leg collision states, however I do have the HumanoidOnlySetCollisionsOnStateChange beta enabled. I started receiving reports around 7:15 PM EST.

EDIT: This issue is occurring because the client is setting the local humanoid’s HipHeight to -1 instead of 0 for some reason. I do not modify the HipHeight in any script.

Expected Behavior
I expect there to be proper collision for characters assuming nothing is being modified.

Actual Behavior
Some players’ feet are clipping through the parts below them. This is happening for quite a few players in my game.

Issue Area: Engine
Issue Type: Other
Impact: High
Frequency: Constantly


Unable to reproduce this issue. Are you sure that this issue is happening in all experiences?

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As I said, it’s only happening to some players. I have not updated my game and it started occurring after the Roblox client update today.

try making the ground larger (deeper down).

“Some Players” in different places, or “Some Players” in one place?

check the road for unwanted lets say scripts or parts making the collision off.

No idea, I’ve only been getting reports from Players in my game. I don’t know why they would report it occurring in other games. It’s clearly a client update or FFlag change that caused this as I have not modified my game since the reports began to come in.

We are having this same issue. We did not update our game and it just started to happen randomly.

It appears that a lot of people are also crashing too, getting a window saying “Unexpected error”.

or try reverting to a older update to see if it fixes it

We tried reverting back to an older update, but it does not fix the issue.

Do you use any free models, weapon systems, or character systems? It might be related to that.

try re doing the ground like deleate it and then put it back again

We use Carbon Engine as our gun system. We have not updated the gun system in many weeks.

Furthermore, this issue does not happen in studio, only in the game.

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@Cuyler, do you use “Carbon Engine” in that experience you listed?

As I said before, this issue occurred only after the update today. My game has not had meaningful changes in at least five days while having constant players. Therefore it is related in some capacity to the update or a FFlag being changed.

No, everything in my game was programmed by myself.

Do you by chance have AnimationWeightedBlendFix enabled? I have started to notice some issues with our characters in our game, specifically trying to move. After force disabling it the issue disappeared.

After investigating this issue I’ve concluded that the HipHeight (child of Humanoid) is on a negative value for the client, to fix this temporarily you need to put the HipHeight of each Character to 0.1 and revert it back to 0 again, the client would pick up on this and everything should be fine.


I am also experiencing this in a game called Troll Obby.

That is happening to me as well in my game Project Baki 2, which happens randomly to random players.

Apparently setting the player’s humanoid HipHeight to 1 and back to 0 and making it jump fixes it.
Therefore I haven’t done any changes before so It’s an engine bug apparently.

The behaviour in the game is the same as the one shown by Cuyler in their game.