Players Clipping into Ground

I also noticed this issue occurring in an older game that I played yesterday which hasn’t been updated in 3 years (Survive The End of Classic Roblox). I never observed this behavior when I’ve played this game in the past, either.

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Here’s the temporary solution I’ve put in place

WARNING: I’m not incompetent, the wait() was there because it otherwise wouldn’t have replicated to the client for some strange reason.

        character:WaitForChild("Humanoid").HipHeight = 0.1
        character.Humanoid.HipHeight = 0

I can confirm this is a Humanoid.HipHeight issue. I do not modify this value, but it is incorrect for the players experiencing the issue. The expected value is 0, but for these players it’s being set to -1. See developer console screenshots below.

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@Cuyler could you please confirm if the users that are affected by this feature are on Windows only or other OS platforms as well?


From the limited amount of players I asked, all of them seemed to be on Windows 10.

I can confirm it happens in my game with every player except me.
ForceField material is also invisible for some reason.

It seems that roblox pushed an update to certain users. Those who didnt get the update (such as myself) are immune to being clipped in the ground but can still see others who are.
A temporary solution would be to have a loop that sets all the players hipheight to .2

This looks like Humanoid HipHeight, did you happen to edit that at all?

I do not edit it at all. See this reply Players Clipping into Ground - #23 by Cuyler

Woops just missed that bit there, odd that it’s being changed on its own.

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I am also getting reports of this issue in Framed. I have not updated the game since reports started coming in, it just seems to have been the result of a Roblox update within the last day or so.

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This issue was occurring on my own group game just ten minutes ago, I rejoined to test again for this post and now it appears to have been fixed. Trying testing your game now?

we’ve reverted a flag that we think was responsible. To help us debug the issue, can you tell us whether you use Humanoid:ApplyDescription() in your game?


This revert appears to have fixed the issue, my game in which the issue was occurring does not use Humanoid:ApplyDescription().

Yep, it appears to be corrected for the person who was helping me test, thanks! I am using ApplyDescription. I have a whitelist of packages that can be used and invalid packages are removed by modifying the applied description and re-applying it. This runs approximately half a second after the player’s character spawns in.

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Currently, I am experiencing this on Windows 11.

do you call Humanoid:BuildRigFromAttachments() on the client at all? Or do you do anything with character scales in your game?


This has been happening in BedWars over the past 24 hours and is affecting a small percentage of users. When players spawn in-game they are unable to move and their humanoid physics seem to be completely disabled. We make use of Humanoid:ApplyDescription on the server and manually set character scales.

We are having the same issue and we do change the character scaling and use ApplyDescription to apply scaling/bodyparts/shirts/etc. changes. We also do set the HipHeight on the server and have content streaming enabled.

the issue that was reported for this issue has been fixed, but we are aware that there is still an issue with StreamingEnabled games. We are working on a fix and I will let you know here when the fix is out


I also have the same problem, but in my case it is when I join two characters with a weld, which sometimes causes the player to bury himself on the floor