Players spawning as Default Grey Characters

Our game and other games has been experiencing issues recently with Character Appearance causing some players to spawn as this after re-spawning a few times, sometimes it happens sometimes it doesn’t.
This also happens in Studio / TeamCreate / Accurate Play Solo

We confirm that our game has StarterPlayer.LoadCharacterAppearance = true
However we have Player.CharacterAutoLoads = false

Code responsible for Re-Spawning Players:
Game Setting / Avatar

There is also a related issue where player avatar would load with some Accessories missing a mesh and appear as a grey block

Please reply if your game also had any recent crashes or similar issues

From our observation is also happens in these games;

Mad City
Pet Simulator
Murder Mystery 2


It happened when I was hanging out with my friend. My friends and me experienced the bug. You cant use emotes too. Sorry if I’m flagged, this is my first post.

Edit: R6 rig is a roblox noob instead of a grey character.


Exactly I thought something was going on with my character customization but it seems to just be a bug on roblox’s part.

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I can confirm this happens also in my games. But its only certain people, and when I checked dev console, I didnt see any error. Same happens in studio, doesnt load, but shows no error.

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It happened to me too, this afternoon. I initially just assumed that it was due to the complexity of the game that was being loaded. It’s reassuring to know that I am not the only one.


This is due to the API for loading characters is currently messing up. It has been going off and on over the past hour. This is the error from in-game when you try to load someone’s character design:


I’m experiencing same issue too, at first I appeared as a noob for a little bit.

I experienced spawning as a gray character in Pinewood Builders Computer Core a couple of times this morning. It doesn’t happen all the time but it is often enough that if you keep respawning it should eventually happen. I’m not a dev for PB but also the some of the scripts in PB places are broken this morning and they were fine last night.

This is also happening in Giant Simulator. Often times the Humanoid appears to be missing BodyHeightScale and possibly other properties as a result of this issue. First started hearing user reports of this today.

Can confirm this happens to me. Although sometimes my character turns into the “Noob” character.


Thanks for flagging this issue. Our engineering team is actively investigating.


Issue should be resolved now. Please let us know if you encounter any issues.


Just as a quick update, this exact bug has just begun to reoccur on my game

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Help, it’s back. I have a topic, I don’t know why i created it.

Please help us.

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This has been happening with many games recently including a few of my own resetting works but you shouldn’t need to do that especially if your game has death mechanics. The previous update to fix this hasn’t seemed to work.

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this is happening again now this needs to be fixed

I almost posted this as a new topic, luckily I found this

The issue has not been resolved. As you can see, I still spawn in gray. image