Playfab “invitation”

Hi there,
A year ago, Roblox collaborated with Playfab to give access to Playfab in roblox. I never actually applied to get but I went into my creator dashboard on my phone 2 days ago and this appeared :

. I just clicked agree even tho this was kinda strange… I then went on my most known game and this showed up at the top of my screen : . I had no clue what PlayFab was and was very confused . I made some research and understood what it is, but i don’t know how to actually use this. I saw that people that got invited last year received an email from roblox but it’s now been 2 days and nothing. Hope someone can explain me what’s happening lol.

PlayFab is a service by Azure to build and operate games. I believe Roblox is only using it’s data and analytics features.