Join Our PlayFab Program - Leverage ALL The Data

Hey Developers,

Analytics are one of the most powerful tools available to developers operating a live game. Using data to inform your development priorities is an important part of leveling up your studios’ capabilities across all functions. From designing to testing to iterating, being informed of user behavior can help you better deliver experiences that align with your vision as a developer. If you’re interested in attracting more users, generating more revenue, improving engagement and facilitating growth, we highly recommend leveraging data analytics.

High quality analytics tools can be expensive and free tools tend to have limited support and questionable accuracy. That’s why Roblox has partnered with Microsoft’s PlayFab solution to enable free analytics for developers looking to empower their games and teams!

If you’re interested in using PlayFab, fill out this sign-up form to apply:

Please note, licenses are limited and not everyone that signs up is guaranteed entry to the program. We will be evaluating the volume of incoming requests and, if we see an overwhelming amount of interest in the program, will do our best to expand it to include even more developers.

If you’ve been selected, you will receive an invitation to join our closed beta PlayFab Discord server . This server will be a platform for additional information, questions, and direct support from our Developer Relations team to ensure you’re able to maximize the value of your data!

If you’re not sure how to effectively use data to improve your metrics, don’t worry - we’ll be providing additional support and resources to help onboard you into the program and adopt some best practices through documentation, pre-made queries, and office hours for beta participants.

We look forward to helping you make more data-driven decisions!

Thank you,
Developer Relations


Data, and analytics, and statistics, oh my!

Feeling confident with a data-backed decision is the beeeest :nerd_face:



Use PlayFab to make informed, data-driven decisions for your game :slight_smile:


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YES! This gives the community a opportunity with some of their games that they have been working on everyday, especially me when I have 2-3 games being worked currently, big ones.

Overall, it’s a nice idea that Roblox is doing this again for some newer developers and older developers on the platform.

This year, might work on another mind-blowing game…


This is neat! PlayFab could help developers big-time. :smiley:
More analytics and more data is always the best.
I don’t have any popular games, but I’m sure this will be very useful.

How long will the license last? And what is the criteria to get into the program?

Hopefully it’s not too high.

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Already signed up! I was actually just looking at other free options for game analytics and then I see this post! I think this could really bring more valuable insights to player behavior for games across the platform.

Great to see Roblox realizing that not just top devs can utilize analytics. Hopefully this program is open to lots of developers, not just ones with hundreds of millions of visits. (Obviously it’s not worth applying if your game only has a couple dozen visits, but medium popularity games have a lot to gain by having access to this kind of a program.)

Is there a certain popularity of studio you’re hoping will apply, or a general guideline as to who is likely to be accepted? I doubt I’d qualify, but I’m curious if there’s anyone I know that I should direct this announcement to.


Data is one of the most helpful things in polishing a game to be fun & interactive to players.

Glad to see this being opened away from top developers and into the community!


Glad this will be opened, this will help a lot of developers!

Thank you so much Roblox!

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actual image of me selling my turnips in animal crossing

… USING DATA TO MAKE INFORMED DECISIONS ABOUT WHEN TO SELL! You should sign up for PlayFab so that you can have data to make informed decisions about your game!


This is a really neat new feature, so I’ll definitely be signing up! It’ll be interesting to see how the enrolled developers actually utilize the extra data that they’ll have access too!

Is this strictly for those who have a game up and running?
If I have a game that’s not launched yet, can I still sign up?


I have applied also, I hope paid games also have a chance of getting accepted, anyways if not the game I applied for will be free to play next month.

I love analytics and data, that’s why i applied. I want to see how to improve the game with using that data. It’s a very nice opportunity.

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I really hope that eventually all middle-income developers would have access to use PlayFab to the fullest extent. It would drive market competition and be helpful in understanding how our players operate in-game.

Really hope they can create a robust API to generate cohorts, relay user-specific telemetry, and record custom events. Seems like the current API is limited / deprecated at the moment (AnalyticsService:FireEvent()). You would have to run KQL queries to get anything more specific than aggregate metrics.

Sweet, but what if our game is in the works can we always transfer one game’s license to another?


I hope it doesn’t matter that I’ve included one of my unreleased games as one of the optional game links?


PlayFab sees the light of day! As someone who’s crazy about analytics, I’ve been anxiously waiting to see Roblox’s offering for quite some time. GameAnalytics has ruined their dashboard and I haven’t been able to process the events data I’ve wanted to. Applied for Miners haven and Vesteria :smiley: