Playing sounds in reverse?


It doesn't seem like you're able to set a sound's pitch to -1 anymore.
This would be helpful for more freedom in development.

Edit: Just realized this may have issues with moderation which is probably why it was removed :frowning:


Yeah, there was an issue with people uploading "smoke weed everyday" in reverse and then playing it with -1 pitch meaning that it wouldn't work.

It's a shame, really. A few people screw up something really good for all of us :frowning:


Do you have a use case where it would be too costly to just upload an audio reversed and swap the ids if needed (outside of rewind buttons on music players)? I don't see one myself.


Well an effect in which all the audios in your place are reversed is a personal want for me, if I wanted to do that I'd have to reupload about 60 audio tracks in reverse..


The sound has to be looped to play backwards


Let me give you an example case for this in the easiest possible way

You're playing this cool story game you suddenly fit the story together
All audio breaks down slowly
You hear someone saying 'The tea party will end in a bang'
Music starts playing in reverse whilst you are viewing mind thoughts in your head
Zoom out from your head
dramatic dun DUN DUNNNNN


Or simply rewinding time.....


Having to upload a reverse of sound effects makes roblox use more memory.




Can’t the audio moderation system be tweaked to check the audio forwards and backwards?