Please allow developers to search for multiple creators in one AvatarEditorService:SearchCatalog() call

It is currently difficult for developers to search for multiple specified creators in one AvatarEditorService:SearchCatalog() call, and doing it with multiple will exhaust the limits that were put in place earlier this year. Doing multiple searches with different users is not possible. it’s ALL, or ONE and there’s no way to curate multiple creators’ creations.

Existing problems with CatalogSearchParams and creator names:
There are already problems with the way that CatalogSearchParams target creators at the moment because of group names, and usernames conflicting as mentioned by Shipool in this feature request here: AvatarEditorService CreatorTypeFilter

The Solution:
It’d be great to see parameters that lets developers specify the CreatorType, and CreatorId rather than the CreatorName so that these conflict cannot happen.

With that though I would also like to see a way to search for multiple creators using these parameters - perhaps by using tables of CreatorTypes, and CreatorIds so that curation of content can be more accurate to what a player might be looking for.

My use case:
I have written a system that allows players to follow UGC creators like you would do on social media, and would like to do a single AvatarEditorService:SearchCatalog() call when they join of only the creators that they follow. With those results I would be able to show players new items from the creators that they like and want to see more from.

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