Please allow lookups for multiple keys in OrderedDataStore

There is currently no way to request data from multiple known keys in an OrderedDatastore, it seems very wasteful to only be able to get one integer value per call.

OrderedDataStore has methods that allow you to pull:
Single values:
:GetAsync() – Get a single value from a key.
:UpdateAsync() – Get and update a value from a key.
Multiple values:
:GetSortedAsync() – Get multiple values by their order in the datastore.

Use cases:
Being able to pull multiple values (by their keys) from an OrderedDatastore would allow for things like friend-only (or a guild / group only) scoreboards so that players can see how well they’re doing compared to their Roblox friends / guildies.

A personal use case is to allow players to follow player owned stores, being able to search all the ids that they follow will allow me to sort them, and check for changes without needing to make a DataStore call for every single value I need to display.


Being able to write to multiple keys in one call would also be amazing.