Please help! I can't design terrain!

Hello, I am Foreign_Places and I am a builder here on roblox, I am looking for any resources, or any links, any videos you might know, tips tricks, anything that might help me get better at terrain design, I am trying to make a greek game, with tropical mountains right next to an ocean, lush landscape, vibrant colors, but I need to get better at designing terrain, my main problem is creating mountains, I am layering using the add tool in the roblox terrain options, and I am making big mountains, but I am not satisfied with any of the shapes, and when I smooth it, it looks to rounded, and it just looks bad, If anybody can help me at all, please do, thanks for reading

I am not too experienced in (terrain designing) so take this with a grain of salt, learning how to create terrain or wanting to get better. It’s mainly all about learning and practicing there are many methods behind this if you’re wanting to create large terrain scenes with certain objects.

“E.g. Mountains, hills, elevation” consider using real life, landscapes as a guide and learn how to create them with smooth terrain as you will learn to become more better at creating terrain. Viewing resources and gathering information to take along the process will help you create things such as mountains larger terrain so on and so forth.

Using images next to your side is good as it will allow for you to view those important details and it will help you create things in a more creative way, the forum itself has many resources, tutorials, guides and useful information. Consider doing a quick search around and find things that will help you: this may be something to check out. See here.

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Low-Poly Terrain tutorial:
Beeg terrain: Large-Scale Roblox Terrain: The ultimate guide

My suggestion is to use the terrain Generate tool to generate a terrain that you like. For what you want, I would use Hills, Water, and Mountains Biomes. If you don’t like it, try a different Seed value. Once you have something that you could use, use the Grow tool at strength 1 to form mountains and hills. To make it more realistic/add texture, add Parts or rock-shaped Meshes partway in the ground.