Please help: is doublesided property better?

On meshes, there’s a property called DoubleSided, that makes it where a mesh imported to Roblox Studio has their faces render on both sides. I’m making a map which has a ton of medium/low poly meshes that use this property, and I’m not sure if It’s better (for performance) to:

  • Manually make the mesh double sided in Blender (typically by duplicating the mesh and inverting all the faces.)
  • Or keeping the mesh how it is, and letting DoubleSided do its thing.

I TRIED to go into the DevForum announcement of this property and people asked the same question and got mixed responses, so I’m genuinely confused. Please let me know your thoughts!

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DoubleSided doesnt really effect aesthetics in my opinion. Unless you absolutely NEED it, you should leave it disabled. I’d say using Blender would be the better option


Using the Double side property is best as the method as blender creates the same number of faces compared to the double side property has however, it creates more vertices, more edges, and an extra instance/mesh.


Double sided is better as with blender when you add the solidify modifer you are basically making MORE faces rather than just using double sided property.


A simple explanation:
MeshPart | Documentation - Roblox Creator Hub
If you have flat surfaces (like your leaves and petals, or in any MeshPart that is flat like a piece of paper, or a single surface) then it’s best to use DoubleSided.

If you do you are effectively doubling the number of tris of the MeshPart, but not increasing the number of Vertices or Edges. That means DoubleSided is better for performance for MeshParts with mostly flat surfaces like yours.

The issue I’ve seen here is if someone accidentally builds a Mesh with inverted faces there’s always some misinformed individual that says ‘oh just click DoubleSided, that’s what I did’. Basically its a bad practice telling people they don’t have to fix their mistakes with the Face Normals because they can fix it by doubling the tris of their 3D Mesh which makes the Mesh look bad and decreases their performance.


i believe it’s roughly the same performance. the object is already low poly so the difference in my eyes is negligible.

you can probably save loads more performance by making that yellow sphere in the center of the flower with even less tris.