Please improve the video recorder

As a developer of an action game I often see players saying the following things:

  • “I just had this bug happen”
  • “An exploiter just killed me”
  • “I just did this cool thing, I wish I was recording”

It is usually difficult for players to describe and express what they are talking about. Typing what you saw can be difficult for younger players and screenshots aren’t always available nor do they always tell the whole story. Video on the other hand can be a very strong tool for “capturing the moment”, but that’s only if the video is usable.

Developer uses:

  • Somebody encountered a bug where the doors of a building weren’t working properly so they recorded a video to show me the bug. I think I could count the frame rate of the video with my fingers and most of the text is totally unreadable. The video does work in this specific case but if I had asked them to show me their F9 client log or show any frame specific problems, it wouldn’t be usable.

  • The moderation team for my game only works with video footage when it comes to dealing with exploiter reports from players. It’s easy for people to fake images so those submissions are often collected as extra evidence. It is a good deal harder to fake a video so almost all of the immediate action our moderators take is because they received a good clip of the exploiter. For every usable video clip we get, dozens of other reports are left ignored because they didn’t record the incident.

Player uses:

  • I’ve had a cases where players have told me about something exciting they encountered in my game only to say they couldn’t record it or didn’t bother to try since “the video recorder sucks”. These are moments that could have been shared with friends, game communities, on social media, or even just saved as keepsakes.

  • A while ago I ran a clip contest for Bad Business and we found the only submissions were from people who live stream or make YouTube content. We only ended up with a small handful of clips from the users we wanted to see the most. This pool was probably so small because they had no good way to record their gameplay.

Third party software exists to help with this issue but none of it is quite as user friendly or easy to set up as a single button press. Action for action nothing on the market is as simple as opening any Roblox game and pressing a single key to start recording. Every modern game console has this functionality and most modern graphics cards now come packaged with recording software. This feature has existed in Roblox for years now but has been gathering dust in an age where content creation and sharing is at an all time high.

If Roblox were to address the issues with the video recorder it would be a massive help to players and developers alike. Any user to developer interaction can heavily benefit from video, and any “moment” a player might want to share would only be a button press away.

Modern recorders often come with “one click” recording or the ability to save the last 5 minutes or so of gameplay to a video clip. Roblox already covers half of that standard and even if the “xbox record that” style clip recording is out of scope than just an upgrade to the quality of video recording would go a long way to improve the feature.


I’d like to add from personal experience that the Roblox recorder doesn’t really perform too well. At least for me, when I play on my laptop, it seems like it kills my framerate just to have it on.

Right now I don’t use the Roblox video recorder, because it produces less quality video and reduces my framerate further than just having OBS run recording in the background. It’s a shame to have this feature built in and not be usable half the time on lower-mid end hardware.

An improvement to both the performance and output quality would be much appreciated, and simplifies things to just pressing F12 and letting it do its job.


It is unacceptable how bad it is comparing even to older versions (5-10 years) of open source programs.

I have an i7-7700HQ+GTX1070 setup which can record 1440p videos in OBS with a reasonable quality (60FPS) and almost no noticeable impact without an FPS unlocker.

The moment I accidentally turn on the built in recorder, I notice it immediately just by how hard my FPS drops (from 60 to 30 or even worse) without even looking at the red outline. The output quality isn’t any better.


Support from here, my personal experience with the Roblox recorder and how it works with frames or quality like how we view it isn’t the best performance nor the best for a laptop/desktop in any way possible, using this kills my laptop and my fans are higher than usual for almost 4 ~ 6 years, this needs to be improved.

Anyway, the current Roblox recorder and the performance that has on us developers is terrible, and how it’s supported right now is downright terrible as when I turn or record with the Roblox recorder my framerate/FPS suddenly does down dramatically and causes my CPU fans to go up as well, making my user experience or development experience in all. I use an FPS unlocker and most of my friends do who have much better specs and high FPS on their devices and when they use the recorder, it just drops down the quality and fans go up as well.

With the quality and frames going down, I also going to point out that the file type that Roblox and the Roblox recorder uses is mostly outdated and is downloadable which isn’t the best for most videos as of today but for the games, the lag begins to spike and everything becomes slow from parts merging from ReplicatedStorage to Workspace.

Here is an example of the current Roblox recorder at its state.


^ This isn’t what it showed when I was recording and playing the game, the outcome of these recorders isn’t the best and the quality as I and others have said is terrible.

It needs to be improved, I have to use OBS studio or ShareX for these types of videos or GIFs to show around the community and to my audience. Having a huge overhaul onto the Roblox recorder would be great for developers and players who can’t download an alternative recorder or simply want to record with a couple of touches inside their game/studio.

For now, users/developers have to use an alternative like OBS studio or Gyazo for little GIFs or long tutorials/videos for an audience or something that they’ll need some point in development.