Please, make a shortcut that allows you to hide all studio widgets

As a Roblox Developer, it’s currently impossible to hide all the studio widgets simultaneously. (Including the toolbar at the top) While it’s possible to hide them one by one, it’s very inconvenient to do that every time for something short like a screenshot to showcase due to the viewport being too small with all those widgets on.
Please make it a shortcut or a button like the ‘Hide in-game GUIs’ so that it’s easily accessible.

This change would be very convenient to me and I’m sure others too. It’d speed up the process of making screenshots and other content to tease your community with!

Edit: In case the Studio Engineers are like ‘Hey, maybe we could make it even better’
Maybe give the developers the option to pick what widgets they close with the shortcut?

So in Settings, maybe make some sort of checklist whereas whatever’s checked will be closed with the shortcut. By default, it’s everything. Maybe add presets like All, Custom Widgets Only and Studio Widgets Only? (Custom widgets being those from e.g plugins and studio widgets being the default ones like the toolbar, explorer, etc.)


A studio fullscreen mode would be nice.

EDIT: To clarify I mean removing all the studio UI so it looks as though you’re in a normal game for a little bit.


Press F11. I dare you

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I really really hope I wasn’t too vague there… hope the edit clears things up.


Boy, do I have some news for you…


Click and hold on the viewport tab of your game, and drag down. You can then make it full screen if you wish to do so.

You’re welcome :heart:


That only undocks the viewport, it doesn’t full screen it or replace the rest of the window with the screen.


Press F11 again

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Well now it’s full screened studio, not the undocked window. And once again, I’m talking about a window that covers the rest of the current studio window without having to close off all of the studio widgets.

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