Please return the CreatorId, CreatorType, and CreatorName with results from AvatarEditorService:GetInventory()

It is currently difficult to get information about asset creators using AvatarEditorService:GetInventory() without making additionally unnecessary AvatarEditorService or MarketplaceService calls. This is valuable data that I think should be returned with the results of the :GetInventory() method.

AvatarEditorService:GetInventory() returns 4 very basic results for each asset that is returned: AssetId, AssetType, Created, and Name. These are OK for setting up thumbnails and applying them to HumanoidDescription, but that’s about it.

Knowing the creator of assets owned by a player would allow for more advanced functionality to be added to games. In my case I would like to give credit, and add buttons that lead to that creator’s store front as it may lead to players buying more from the artists they like.

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