Please rewrite or properly enforce the devforum rules

Currently I am seeing multiple bug report/bug complaint posts outside of the bug report sections being manually approved, despite them not fitting into those sections whatsoever.
As a Roblox developer, I’d assume that the devforum rules are up to date and accurate, properly outlining what is being enforced/what users should and shouldn’t post.
If the rules are not accurate to what is being enforced, they should be rewritten to accurately reflect what is and isn’t allowed.

Previously I assumed that bug reports weren’t allowed in anywhere except #bug-reports, however considering I have manually flagged these bug report posts and a moderator (usually one specific moderator) is approving them/not moving them to what the rules say is the proper category, I can only assume the rules are no longer accurate, and in need of a rewrite to properly reflect what kind of posts are allowed.

Some example posts which I wrongfully assumed were breaking rules:

If Roblox is able to address this issue, it would improve my experience using the forum because I would know if I am truly allowed to make bug report posts outside of #bug-reports or not. I am currently avoiding doing this, as the rules currently state that bug reports should go exclusively in #bug-reports, and I wish to not break the listed rules.


I have to agree.

But, I’ve observed that the post has a better chance of getting taken down when you don’t reply to the post at all and not give it attention.

In other words, my advice is to just flag the post and move on.

I’ve come to learn that its the best we can do when it comes to topics that breaks the rules.

Edit: It should be important to note that most topics that break the rules but gain lots of traction have a higher chance of staying up, which is why its best to avoid replying to the post and flag it instead.


I also suggest to add a subcategory to #help-and-feedback called platform-support for more generic development questions like the ones you listed in your post.

I believe @FxllenCode made a Feature Request for that already though.


I think part of the reason some people are posting bug reports outside of the bug report section is because bug reports are restricted to Regulars, yet it is impossible to be promoted to Regular at this time and we have no idea why (the criteria has already been updated somewhat since the retirement of Post Approval but it still hasn’t gone into effect).

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I always thought that they could just contact @Bug-Support with a filled out bug report form, like everyone else. I know I did and it went through without issue.

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