PLS DONATE Game (Open Source)

Hello Fellow Developers,

Along with my friend @bolekinds2 we have made a open sourced Pls Donate type game.

What Does it include?

  • All Scripts for stands.

  • Live Leaderboard.

  • A bad pre-built map. (Just so you can get the idea.)

  • And some more stuff.

This was obviously based on PLS DONATE.

If you want to check out the open sourced game, here’s the link: PLZ Donate Tutorial - Roblox

You must do some other stuff then just copying the game to actually make it function, check out what to do in this tutorial.

If you have any feedback or suggestions, please tell us!


No it is not, he’s linking to a tutorial to help gfx, not saying “Hey, go to this tutorial”


Ehhh… I wouldn’t copy a game. RoVille copied bloxburg, and look how that turned out :confused:


But then again… Bloxburg copied the sims so I cant really talk lol


Although i do agree, a lot of people have copied PLS DONATE already, so i wanted to make an open source about it.


yeah, true this game, This game, and this game are just a handful of those who did so. Wouldn’t waste my time on it, as these games die relatively fast.


Yeah, i’m not going to make a game myself… Just for other people that might want to, just wanted to do it for a YouTube video.

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Hey due to a bug with editing uncopylocked places is it possible you can give the file for the game instead of the game link?


random kids coming onto to dev forum to look under resources: it’s free real estate


<13 Roblox accounts cannot access the Devforum.

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Didn’t Hazem say he didn’t like people doing that and that he was gonna ban anyone who played the copied games? If not then mb but I am 99% sure I saw something like that somewhere. This is a bad idea.


wrong, kids lie about their age so they 100% can access the forums

Hazem is a developer who has no remorse for anything relating to people stealing his game. I’m not saying this in a mean way, and I have different screenshots of him replying to PLS DONATE open source devforum posts, and the replies weren’t so lovely. So much for a 16 y/o millionaire. Here’s the link for his post: How to make a "PLS DONATE!" Game Tutorial - #16 by haz3mn
He deleted the message not to ruin his reputation of being a kind person, which HE IS A KIND PERSON, and I think he has every right to be mad at the post.

Did you archive his reply? Can you tell me what it said before it got deleted?

When I first saw the message a few months back, I was lucky enough to take a screenshot. Here it is:

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Funny. A lot of devs in this community spend their time to make this community better for free, whenever some people like him use this community for their gains only. Everyone have rights to do whatever you want, but until it’s not mess up with other people. Waiting for hazem to patent donate game genre, until this he can’t do anything except being disgraceful person.

why would he do this, just why

I know, right? The funny thing is that because he’s such a “good” and “cool” developer, they actually changed the description to “This game is copied by @haz3mn.” Here’s the game link that Hazem was referring to: [Un-Copylocked] PLS DONATE 💸 - Roblox

According to the person above me, the game that was inspired by pls donate is legit named pls donate. Hazem has every right to be mad because the other developer is legit using his game’s name.

Plus, every dev has the right whether to “help” the community or not. He owes the community NOTHING.

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True, I agree with you, and 100% see your point. Yet I don’t think hazem should be acting in that way. You could see he deleted that message, but only because he wanted to save his reputation. Afterall, the game was MEANT to be a tutorial game. So, I do agree with you.