[Plugin] AutoScale Lite for GUIs - Scale your UI

oh i uninstalled it and reinstalled it and it works flawlessly! thanks for creating this amazing plugin!

This doesn’t seem to work on mobile like I scaled everything and it doesn’t scale on mobile.

You should use This: image
It basically keeps the size of your UI disregarding on other screen resolutions

It has to be like this: image

Not this: image

Also If you only use the Unit Conversion, its not the smartest way to do it.

Only use this if your UI is not scaled properly, even if you have the UIAspectRatioConstraint, it might be not properly scaled:


On other Screen Resolution

I actually came here to get help on scaling this…
What I did was, I added UIAspectRatioConstraint and offset it on position

While waiting for replies, I will try to fix it.

Should I offset this or scale the position?

It has to be like this:

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Does this work with Unit Conversion too? Please tell me it does.

Sorry for the bump.

Yes the plugin has unit conversion for both size and position. AutoScale Plus and Nightly does this conversion automatically.

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What happens is when you change devices the GUI screws up this plugin fixes the problem.

Am I doing something wrong?

Though you have scaled the “BackgroundFrame” and “ShopFrame”, you must also do it to the children. In this instance, the TextLabels and list are not scaled.

I though it does the same to the childs too.

The lite version does not, however if your purchase Plus/Nightly it will automatically convert every element you have as soon as it is created (If you wish to do this with already made UI, drag the ScreenGui into another folder such as replicatedstorage and drag it back into StarterGui for it to take effect).

Very convenient and easy to use ! Highly recommend

Is there a way to auto scale Scrolling frames?

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I have the same issue. Somehow it is not fitting desktop size items in mobile size. The scroll on mobile is shorter than desktop.


If you use SmartScale on AutoScale Plus/Nightly, it should scale scrollingframes properly if i remember.

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I don’t think it did could you please show me an example. It would really help a lot. thx

My goal is to have the contents of the scrolling frame look exactly the same on all screens.

Test Case:

I know this would require I change the scaling on the UiGridLayout but that is very finicky and isn’t exact.

that issue is a bit tricky because some people need to use offset and some need scale for UiGridLayout. Your best solution is to adjust the scaling manually.