[Plugin] AutoScale Lite for GUIs - Scale your UI

This plugin is great! This plugin helps out a lot when it comes to scaling your UIs to fit all devices. I did the manual way at first, and it was a pain in the neck. This plugin is definitely a time saver. I’d recommend this plugin. :thumbsup:

Auto anchoring is a feature in Autoscale Plus. You need to purchase this plugin for 50 :robux_light: if you’d like this feature. Along with this feature, are a few other things, such as being able to put background transparency to 1 whenever you insert a GUI element into your GUIs on Roblox.

Here’s the DevForum documentation link that has to do with AutoScale Plus (you can find the link for the plugin in the documentation as well):

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Thanks, I wasn’t aware that there was paid version of it. Lite version is already very featured.


It doesn’t seem to work for me but I might be doing something wrong

Laptop screen

phone screen

I use it on the my scrolling frame and the frames are the children of the scrolling frame and there is also a UiGridLayout in the scrolling frame.

Scrolling frames in roblox have never worked well.

I always use offset just for scrolling frames

I’ve created a library just for this problem. A description of how it works, what it will fix, and how to set it up is described.

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don’t worry I founded the solution, it was because I set the x and y asix offset but I put x back to scale and keep y offset and I use the plugin and now it worked perfectly.

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This is awesome, you have no idea how annoying it was for me before I found your plugin, thanks a lot!

@ZacBytes After using your plugin a bit I’ve realised things would be getting weird when using scrollframes? Im guessing bc the useage of offset? image

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Kinda confused as to how to use this.


Your plugin is a gift from god,
It worked like a charm.


I don’t understand how to use it… The GUIs are remaining the same as never happened!

That’s because it scales on differt devices. You can scale the Roblox Studio window to see it.

Hey @ZacBytes. Great plugin! But recently I have noticed that some UI elements just disappear when I click convert size/position to scale. It’s probably my fault - but I can’t seem to know what it is. Thanks and looking forward to your or someone else’s reply! :slight_smile:

Just bought autoscale plus, but still, could I get some clarification so it doesn’t happen again. Thanks

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Tysm, fixed a lot of problem for me!

Check the size property, is it becoming infinite :question:

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It is not working at all for me. Any help?

Nvm. Watched the tutorial on the plugin page. Works really well

How is it going? Where can I get this or are you still working on it?

hello, only these 2 buttons appear