[Plugin] Bubble Chat Customizer - Easily customize your game's bubble chat with live preview!


I recently made a post on how to enable bubble chat, change color and font (aka customize) and it kinda slapped. It got way a lot more views than i expected. So I decided to make customization easier, with a simple plugin. And now, I would like to introduce, Bubble Chat Customizer, for those newbies who are new to scripting and wants to edit bubble chat without any scripting knowledge. Please note that, this is my second ever plugin and it might contain a lot of bug. My last plugin ThumbnailCreator didn’t do good, but I hope this will!

  • Awesome Live Preview feature, see how the bubble chat will look like without testing in game!
  • Contains all the properties of the bubble chat.
  • Clicking on each property name will show you a description about it.
  • Enable and Disable bubble chat button to toggle easily.
  • Includes apply changes button and restore to default button as well.
  • Rich, modern and eye-catching UI Design.
Installing Plugin
  • To install plugin, click on the banner located at the top of the post. It should redirect you to a roblox plugin. Install the plugin. Now go to studio and press the following icon Untitled (10) . For the rest of the instruction, watch Usage Video.
UI Design
  • image

  • image

  • image

Usage Video

Live Preview

If you have any question, feedback or suggestion, feel free to message me on DevForum or Discord, Techy#9999!

Thank you for reading this post. Enjoy the plugin!


Wow, this is an amazing plugin! Easy to use, Simple UI, and Very Useful.

Keep doing a good job!


This is really cool, thank you for sharing your resources with us.

I have one small suggestion, add a live preview feature.



  • Added Live Preview! Supports font as well. (@RuizuKun_Dev )
  • Deleted all loops and optimized scripts to prevent lag.
  • Fixed buttons appearing/disappearing late upon toggling “BubbleChatEnabled”
  • Resetting settings now resets BackgroundColor3 & TextColor3 as well.
  • Bug fixes & more!

Update the plugin from manage plugins if you already have it, and the changes will apply!

Live Preview


How do you set it so its Bubble Chat Only and Doesn’t Have the Classic Chat Window?

Classic Chat is not related to this Bubble Chat Customizer plugin. So I did not really include the feature, but i might, so I’m doing this poll. However, you can disable ClassicChat by putting these lines in a LocalScript in ReplicatedFirst.

local ChatService = game:GetService("Chat")
ChatService:RegisterChatCallback(Enum.ChatCallbackType.OnCreatingChatWindow, function()
    return {ClassicChatEnabled = false}

Should I include toggling Classic Chat feature within the plugin?

  • Yes!
  • Nope.

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Hey it is not working for me, here is what happens:


Yeah the same thing happens with me.


A suggestion: instead of having to type in the font you want, you could create a drop-down with all of the roblox-supported fonts.


Not really sure what’s the issue, it might be the UI mis-positioned. I’ll take a look at the issue. Currently, I don’t have my Laptop so it’ll take me some time to bring an update.

@matiss112233 Yeah, I was hoping to add that feature since the Type system gives a lot of errors in the output. Thanks for the suggestion.


Anyone using this now? I just installed, errors,
12:43:54.124 is not a valid member of “Enum.Font” - Server - LocalScript:17
12:43:54.124 Stack Begin - Studio
12:43:54.125 Script ‘CoreGui.BubbleChatCustomizerGui.MainFrame.LivePreview.ChatText.LocalScript’, Line 17 - Studio - LocalScript:17
12:43:54.125 Stack End - Studio
Line 17 =
if isFont(Enum.Font[settings.Font.Input.Text]) then

plugin works for preview, but not in studio play… bubble works, but color does not

umm, my bad , I did not close the help text, and click Apply… DOH…
still get errors in output… but it is now happy green!

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Hello, whenever I try to open the Plugin, the Plugin’s UI doesn’t show up. How can I fix this?

This is the most useful plugin for me! Thanks! :grinning:

Appears to work once you close and re-open Roblox Studio, the first time it just toggles on and off while doing nothing.

For some reason the chat bubble does not show up.

why i getting an error @0Techy
Screen Shot 2021-05-09 at 9.59.28 AM

It’s an error when no font is selected. I’ve fixed the error in my newest version of plugin and it’ll be published tomorrow/later. I’m extremely sorry for the inconvenience.

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This is really useful, thanks.

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the thing about your thing is that I couldn’t find an apply button until I clicked on the big text

also, is it possible to have a gradient for the background or text?