Plugin for Renaming Duplicate Animatable Joints

After the release of the new Animation Editor, an issue that has been brought up by multiple users is that the new restriction that all animatable parts in a rig must be uniquely named prevented them from bringing their models into the new editor.

We stand by that decision, as the behavior for what happens when multiple animatable joints are named the same is a bug. However, I would still like to provide a way for developers to use their old models in the new editor and not have to rename their parts by hand (as some models can have many many parts and it would be a very tedious endeavor).

That is why I have created a plugin that automates this process:

The plugin itself is pretty bare-bones and simple, here is how it works:

  • This plugin looks at all non-nested models in your Workspace. So any models within a folder within Workspace will get skipped.

  • A “valid” model is just one that contains an “AnimSaves” model as a child of the rig. Any KeyframeSequences under “AnimSaves” will be fixed as well.

  • If all of your animations are published on Roblox and are not saved locally, for now you will have to download them and add them as a child of “AnimSaves”.

  • Your original model should remain untouched. Instead a fixed clone should appear in Workspace/ANIM_FIX with the name ANIM_FIX.

  • This clone will have renamed joint names as well as pose names in Keyframe Sequences to get rid of any duplicates.

  • Renaming just appends a count at the end of each duplicate (ie: Part, Part1, Part2, etc).

  • If the above happens to cause a name collision (ie. You already have a Part called Part1 before this plugin is run, then the count will be prefixed with underscores until the new name becomes unique)


  • Install the plugin
  • Get your workspace ready (have all models needing to be fixed in top-layer of Workspace)
  • PLEASE: Backup all of your models and animations
  • Press “Duplicate Joint Renamer” button in your plugin toolbar
  • Fixed models should appear in Workspace/ANIM_FIX
  • Open fixed model in Animation Editor
  • Run through each animation and make sure playback is as expected
  • Republish (may want to back-up old animation as well)

Big thanks to @ShinyGriffin for letting use his model to test this out.

Please feel free to message me if you have any issues and requests. This is not an official Roblox plugin by any means, and I am managing it in my own free time. I am open to making changes/updates as needed.


This is extremely helpful for everyone who wants to animate older custom models from before the update. Thank you so much for this!! It’s greatly appreciated.

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I can’t thank you enough for this. There’s a new glitch where the animation editor mistakes WeldConstraints for Motor6D’s. All the parts that were welded were simply called “Part” because they were never ment to move, but instead I kept re inspecting all the parts in my rig until this plugin came along.