[PLUGIN] - Forms UI Pack - Interactive Form Elements

Easily Add Interactive Form Elements To Your User Interface (UI)

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This plugin provides form elements including checkboxes, radio buttons, switches, toggles, sliders, menus, text fields, text areas, and reveals.

  • Fully interactive, ready-to-use form elements

  • Just click to add a form element, and then press Play in Roblox Studio

  • Skins are provided in various colors for dark and light themes

  • Further customize colors, values, and other properties quickly and easily using the element attributes

  • Get the value the user entered just by reading an attribute

  • Compatible with computers and mobile devices

  • Includes helpful built-in documentation

  • Optimized for Roblox with streamlined code and fast loading

Plugin Permissions

  • Select Allow when prompted to allow the plugin to manage scripts.
  • This can also be set in Plugins: Manage Plugins, and editing the script permissions for the plugin.
  • For more info: Plugin Script Modification Permissions.

Form Elements

The form elements in the plugin are listed below.

  • Attributes
    All form elements have attributes that can be used to quickly customize the appearance or value of the element. Attributes can be edited using the attributes panel in Roblox Studio, or using the Roblox Attributes Methods in code.

  • Enabled and Disabled States
    All form elements have an enabled state which allows user interaction, and a disabled state which prevents user interaction.

  • Text
    All the text is editable, and is also responsive so that it maintains a consistent size on any device or screen size.

  • Size
    The size of each element can be adjusted to any dimension.


Checkboxes that can be checked or unchecked. The colors and text are editable.

Radio Buttons

Radio buttons that allow one element in the group to be selected. The colors and text are editable.

Switches / Toggles

These form elements can be set to be either on or off. The colors and text are editable.


Sliders are controlled by sliding the thumb element along the bar. The colors are editable. The slider length can be resized.

Horizontal Sliders

Vertical Sliders

Horizontal Sliders With Stepper

The stepper buttons allow the slider value to be adjusted up or down. The increment is editable.

Vertical Sliders With Stepper

The stepper buttons allow the slider value to be adjusted up or down. The increment is editable.


Menus show a list of selectable menu items. Menus can also show submenus. The colors, text, and image are editable.

Image Menus

Menu Open 1

Text Menus

Menu Open 2

Text Fields / Text Areas

Text Fields and Text Areas allow the user to enter text. The colors and text are editable.

Text Fields (Style 1)

Text Areas (Style 1)

Text Fields With Steppers (Style 1)

The stepper buttons allow numerical values to be adjusted up or down. The increment is editable.

Text Fields (Style 2)

Text Areas (Style 2)

Text Fields With Steppers (Style 2)

The stepper buttons allow numerical values to be adjusted up or down. The increment is editable.


Reveals show or hide content. The position, size, and contents can be set to anything you need. The colors and text are editable.


The license is fair and easy to understand.

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End User License Agreement

The end user of this plugin must purchase this plugin from the Roblox Creator Marketplace in order to obtain the rights in this agreement. The end user meeting these requirements is granted rights to use or modify the UI assets provided by this plugin in Roblox experiences developed by the end user.

Copyright © 2023, MapleMarvel (MapleMarvel - Roblox). All Rights Reserved. This plugin and its assets are protected by copyright law and may not be distributed.

Contact Info

If you have any suggestions, requests, or need assistance, then please send me a direct message in these forums. I am happy to help!

Thanks For Your Support

If you like the plugin, then please leave a thumbs up or review on the plugin page in the Roblox Marketplace.

This makes a big difference and helps fund new development. Your support is very much appreciated!

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It looks so good and it’s so useful!

But unfortunately I won’t buy it with the new Plugin Update. I will only pay with Robux and this dosn’t work at the moment.

It’s not you. It’s Roblox.

I guess Roblox had their reasons to switch prices to USD. As a developer, we really had no say in the matter.

Looks cool, but you should offer this for Robux in some way. $7.99 is a bit too much for me besides the other many issues I have with this new marketplace. This makes more sense as a nodule which you can require instead of a plugin (unless I’m wrong because I cannot buy it to see)

i want to buy ur 3 bundles but i cant the only payment options is visa or mastercard if i could pay with robux or paypal i could buy them i dont have a visa or mastercard for security reason and its sad roblox allows paypal to buy robux but not to buy these plugins i dont know if there is a way u can sell it as paypal u can dm if u can cause sadly i cant buy any of those 3 bundels as of this moment cause roblox.

Unfortunately Roblox determines all of this, and those are the only buying options they currently provide.

hope roblox adds them then cause not allot of people have visa or mastercard in europe unless u opt in for it which cost extra most of the time @roblox pls fix xD add paypal
honestly i am assuming they did it because 3th party websites still do robux gifting trough plugins its sad we cant have nice things because those people but still paypal should be an option especialy since u can but robux with it as well