[Plugin] Gradientifier

Gradientifier is a plugin that allows you to make custom gradients right in studio!

Preview Images:

It offers 3 types of gradients, Linear, Radial and Conical. It also allows you to set the Main and Secondary color of the gradient. To insert the gradient, just select a GuiObject (ScreenGui,etc.) in explorer and click Insert Gradient button!

(dislikes are from the old version, so would appreciate if you guys could like it :stuck_out_tongue: )

The plugin is available on marketplace, or you can install it from link below:


What benefits does using this have over the UIGradient object?

I’ve never heard of UIGradient object, could you send a link?

It was only added today (version 412), so the devhub article doesn’t exist for it yet.

Here’s a few images of it:


Edit: Apparently I had an FFlag enabled, this isn’t actually available yet (though it probably will be very soon). The FFLag’s name is "UIGradientEnabled" for those interested


This is actually really useful! The new gradient feature doesn’t look to allow types of gradients, this being beneficial for things like glows behind objects and such.


I gotta say this is amazing and really useful! Try getting it to #resources:community-resources perhaps

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The plugin is intentionally here as it’s for sale. This is part of Roblox’s setup for paid plugins. Community Resources are typically free and/or open source.

Ah I see, I guess there will be a lot of people promoting their plugins here now, goodluck!

This plugin is awful! This did not give me the results I expected! I can make the same thing just uploading a gradient image from Paint.net!

I want a refund for my 25 R$!

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I suggest you join the Beta Program. UIGradient objects have been added into the Beta Program Studios, and I myself have already used it! No plugins are required, it’s simple, and extremely useful!

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Is this plugin worth anything seeing as UIGradients were released and there are many open-source varients?

It will help me for sure