[Plugin In-Dev!] Glide - Import real Earth in just seconds!


Say goodbye to complex technical hurdles! With Glide, integrating high-quality terrain into your game is as simple as a few clicks. Our intuitive design ensures that developers can focus on their creative vision without getting bogged down in complicated processes.

Hey there, my name is Kuzey and I’m 14 year old programmer from Turkiye, this module is the best one I have developed so far. I hope you like the module I made

Glide introduces a specialized module tailored for developers aiming to import highly detailed terrain data into their games, providing a foundation for creating immersive experiences based on real-world geography. Here’s a breakdown of Glide’s terrain importation capabilities:

  1. High-Fidelity Terrain Importation: Glide facilitates the seamless integration of high-resolution terrain data, sourced from geospatial databases. This data forms the basis for crafting lifelike landscapes within the game environment.

  2. Accurate Topography Representation: Leveraging precise elevation data, Glide ensures that the imported terrain accurately reflects the real-world topography of chosen locations. This includes mountains, valleys, plateaus, and other natural features, faithfully recreated within the game world.

  3. Dynamic Terrain Generation: Through Glide’s terrain importation module, developers can dynamically generate terrain based on geographic coordinates, enabling on-the-fly rendering of specific areas as players explore the game world. This dynamic approach allows for efficient use of resources while maintaining realism.

By focusing on terrain importation, Glide empowers developers to create captivating gaming experiences that leverage real-world geography as a foundation, offering unparalleled realism and immersion for players exploring virtual landscapes.

Changeable Qualities of Terrain

Glide supports up to 8 different qualities of terrain for realism.
You can use high quality terrain for the low render distances and use low quality terrain for high render distances.

Quality 1:

Quality 5:

  1. Automatic Ocean Setup: In addition to importing terrain, Glide’s module automatically sets up realistic ocean environments around imported terrain, complete with dynamic water simulation and effects. This feature ensures a seamless transition between land and sea, enhancing the overall immersive experience for players.

  2. Scalable Importation: With the ability to import up to 10x10 terrain chunks per import, developers can efficiently cover large geographic areas in their game worlds. Furthermore, the importation capacity is upgradable, allowing for even greater scalability as projects evolve and expand.

  3. High-Quality Detailing: Glide’s terrain importation module ensures high-quality details, making the terrain ready for the placement of vegetation, buildings, and other environmental elements. This level of detail enhances the realism of the game world, providing players with visually stunning landscapes to explore.

  4. Vegetation and Building Placement: Leveraging Glide’s terrain importation module, developers can easily place vegetation such as trees, bushes, and grass, as well as buildings and structures within the imported terrain. This enables the creation of diverse and dynamic environments tailored to the specific needs of the game.

  5. Optimized Performance: Despite the high level of detail and complexity, Glide’s terrain importation module is optimized for performance across various platforms. Developers can expect smooth and responsive gameplay experiences, even on hardware-constrained devices.

To use the module, you need to get a free Bing API Key from here

local Glide = require(*)
--// Requires Glide

This line of code lets you give access to the module. You have to purchase a Glide API Key for that.
If you won't use this function, then your requests for importing will be automatically rejected.

Glide.BingMapsKey = "YOUR-BING-MAPS-KEY"
--// Sets your Bing Maps API Key for the system.

Glide:Import(Latitude, Longitude, Smoothness, ChunkAmount)
--// Creates a request for Glide to import terrain with given arguments

--// Creates a huge mesh part for an ocean

Example usage:

local Glide = require(X)

Glide.BingMapsKey = "YOUR-BING-MAPS-KEY"

Glide:Import(41.94222517018213, 34.82139518687942,1,1)

Limited Access:


Feature Status
Low Quality Terrain :white_check_mark:
Medium Quality Terrain :white_check_mark:
High Quality Terrain :x:
Automatic sea-level setup :white_check_mark:
Automatic chunk generation based on camera position :x:
EditableMesh compatible :x:
Automatic optimization :x:
Chunk aligner :x:
Sattelitte coloring :x:
Un-limited imports :white_check_mark:
OSM Buildings [Beta] :x:
Maximum Chunk Amount per Import 5
Maximum Smoothnes 4

This key can be used to access limited features of Glide



local Glide = require()

Glide.BingMapsKey = "your_bing_maps_key"
Glide:Import(41.029737245906844, 28.913330428557302,1,5)

Premium Access


Feature Status
Low Quality Terrain :white_check_mark:
Medium Quality Terrain :white_check_mark:
High Quality Terrain :white_check_mark:
Automatic sea-level setup :white_check_mark:
Automatic chunk generation based on camera position :white_check_mark:
EditableMesh compatible :white_check_mark:
Automatic optimization :white_check_mark:
Chunk aligner :white_check_mark:
Sattelitte coloring :white_check_mark:
Un-limited imports :white_check_mark:
OSM Buildings [Beta] :white_check_mark:
Maximum Chunk Amount per Import 10
Maximum Smoothnes 8

To get premium access, you can DM in DevForum and Discord: z_lqify

Next Version:

  • Automatically generated OSM buildings
  • Reducing the delay for satelitte images
  • Warm/Cold water imagery
  • Automatically vegetation
  • Real-time snow visualization

Known Bugs

  • The terrain takes some time to load depending on the smoothness and the chunk amount.
  • Wedge-based terrain starts to lag after 20 chunks (For EditableMesh, it’s lot higher, so no worries for EditableMesh)
  • Attempting to load high quality terrain with high render distance may corrupt the module and result to tiles being un-loaded forever.
  • Terrain isn’t aligned perfectly in low smoothness modes.

I’ll try to fix these bugs within some time. Please make sure to report me the bugs if you face any.

Common issues

Terrain isn’t visible because it’s too big.
Yes, the terrain is actually 1:1 size. Fix for that is pretty easy:

  • Disable streaming enabled
  • Try to lower fog as much as possible
  • Try to test the system with higher graphics

Elevation Data fails to import.

  • Make sure to enable HTTP Services in your place.
  • Make sure your Bing API Key is valid.

I hope you enjoy the Glide module! I would be really happy to read the feedbacks!


Looks and sounds good, can’t wait to try it out!

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I’d like screenshots or videos in the post so everyone’s able to look at terrain examples.

How will someone buy the module if they don’t know how wellmade its the import quality and stuff like that?

Also, this just imports terrain from irl given a latitude and longitude location?

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I tested it and it works really nice and functional. Thanks to Z_lqify.

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Sorry, I didn’t have much time for providing examples, here there are some examples:

I’ll also provide a video on it’s usage for the importing quality and showcasing all the stuff. And yes this just imports a zone from given latitude and longitude. It supports up to 10x10 chunks in free mode. (Which is absolutely huge!)


Post Update:

  • Limited Access key is now available for public use
  • Full feature list has been added
  • Upcoming features and known bugs have been added
  • Common issues added

Side note: OSM Building examples will be shown later on!

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For what it is, I really like this plugin. My only real gripes are that some of the features that I think everyone should have and are necessary for everyone are behind paywalls, such as:

  • High-Quality terrain
  • EditableMesh compatible
  • Automatic Optimisation

High-Quality terrain I can somewhat get behind, but the other two I think should be free for everyone to use for many reasons. This is just my opinion though

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I agree, editable mesh would be a game changer

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So you basically want to get key functions for free when the bud worked hard on it? Nah, you’re kidding me.

It’s your problem that you can’t afford it and support the developer


Thank you!

I respect your opinion but there’s some point where I need to get a profit from this module. EditableMesh support will be free to use once it’s live.

For Automatic Optimization, it needs the chunk system to work. However if desired map is small, you wouldn’t need an automatic optimization. It’s more recommended if you’re doing a game like a global flight simulator. Which AeroX2024 is a great example. (That’s the flight simulator just like Microsoft Flight Simulator and you can fly everywhere on earth without any problems.)

And, for High Quality Terrain; you can render up to 8 qualities of terrain, which costs a lot of memory and not very recommended for normal games. It’s recommended to use if you’re shooting a scenery or if you’re making a very small map with high details. We made it so you can access 4 qualities of terrain in the limited version which is pretty enough for a Roblox game. 4 available qualities take 16 times less memory than high quality.


Bigger Limits!

Glide now supports bigger limits where you can render huge areas (100x100km) per single import with only a small delay. An example of 100x20km area rendered in Roblox.

The more you wait the more it will render!


I’m not asking for them explicitly, I am simply giving my opinion. My bad for forgetting people on the internet aren’t allowed to have them. If I were going to use this module for something huge, I definitely would have paid to get the full-access version to support the dev. Assuming I want features for free because “I can’t afford them” is very disingenuous of you


This is good

Your other 2 reasons are somewhat more understandable, I’m just an advocate for more accessible stuff lol.
Again, no shade to your module; it’s great, thank you for replying and giving me some much-needed information about the functions that should be paid for


Update 1

  • New Experimental feature to expand the limits on the globe! You may now render up to 500 km per import. But it takes a time about 2 minutes to render a whole 500x500 area. Here’s a video of showing the expanded limits scaled down 20 times with the lowest quality.
External Media

I couldn’t load the whole of it since i hadn’t got much time for it to load. I’ll send detailed footage later on!

Also, this map is actually too huge that it actually takes a few hours to walk across it. But due to it’s size you may experience floating point error due to the limitations of the rendering engine. I’m going to find a way to bypass it in the next updates.

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The thing works really well i like it alot!

it lags quite a bit with higher chunks and smoothness tho


Thank you for your feedback, the lag issue is not a problem in the paid version. Editable meshes aren’t supported in the free version, that’s why it’s more laggy.


This looks like an interesting module!
How would you install this into roblox?

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Hey there, I forgot to edit the post. I’m now converting to a plugin and so the module is disabled until the release of the plugin.


Hello there! Any estimate as to when that’s gonna release?

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Hello, I’m estimating a release in about a week or 2.


I’m looking forward to playing with this. I absolutely dislike making terrain for games, It’ll be nice to start from something more realistic.