Plugin Marketplace Program - Open to All ID/Phone Verified Creators

Hi Everyone!

The Plugin Marketplace program began in late 2019 as the Creator Marketplace’s first foray into experimenting with monetization. Last month, we announced an expansion of that initial experiment to allow even more creators to list their plugins for a price within the marketplace. With that announcement, many of you were wondering when you’ll have the opportunity to tap into the Plugin Marketplace. We have some news for you!

Today, we are excited to announce that all ID or phone verified creators are now able to monetize their plugins! Your plugins will also now be discoverable within Studio.

We believe that this is the start of a new era for the marketplace that allows more creators to build businesses within the ecosystem. Plugins are essential to accelerating the development lifecycle, and this access to monetization will enable creators to continue investing in improving these assets for the community.

We will continue to pursue new ways to help this community grow, and are excited to watch your continued innovation spur development forward!

A huge shout out to the team that made this possible: @FriendlyAdder @Nosniv42 @StickOmega1 @Sourdough_Sam


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This is such a great update! I was asking in the post recently made about the Plugin Marketplace Program (adding a price limit of 100+) saying it should be open to more people (everyone) so this is a step in the right direction.

Not sure why someone who is ID verified is more trustworthy then someone without ID verified but still think this update is great.


Great to see Roblox bringing more of the community in every month. This will be a revolutionary update.

Thank you.


While I love this long-term vision, this isn’t practical with the current tax cut on the plugin marketplace. It’s unrealistic to expect to make any noteworthy revenue in its current state - certainly not enough to classify it as a business.


Nowadays it’s trivial to get a bulk amount of throwaway phone numbers. I think marking accounts with phone numbers as “verified” was a mistake. Phone numbers are a bar just slightly above email addresses for any serious bad actors.


hooray! i can now sell plugins.

I still think 100R$ is a bit steep of a price floor but at this point its discussed beyond death and I wont start that up again

Its also nice that the issue with all Plugins coming up as unverified even if the creator was verified is fixed.


Thank you so much, I was waiting to make money from my hard work!


I do agree with this. Both ID and phone verification should not have someone marked as a verified because there are many ways to get throw away phone numbers.

I also dislike how the talent hub has people who are ID verified (or at least I think it’s ID verified) with the verified icon because it does not prove they are a dev who can be trusted at all really.


I’m personally a bit mixed about this; If we can guarantee there’s only one account per ID and that all bad actors are barred access from the talent hub/marketplace if caught, it could actually be a fairly decent seal of approval.


This is wonderful news! thank you so much Roblox for bringing amazing updates to the platform.


Does this mean will there be copies of free plugins for sell?

and how does roblox having your phone number make you trusted?


The Plugin Marketplace Program is a program where you can put your plugin on sale for Robux I believe.


It’s 2022 and we Still can’t group plugins under a single toolbar.


This is ridiculous. I have to turn over my ID or my phone number and subject myself to SIM swapping just to sell a plugin to other developers?


When it comes to security issues with the phone number using an e-SIM is much more secure for issues like this. Though social engineering is still an issue.
I agree with your point but they do have to filter out spam bots from tricking people somehow.


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How else can you verify yourself? This has been a standard for YouTube, Discord, etc. It’s even being used as 2FA. Phone verification may not be perfectly safe but it gets the job done.


It is not my job to come up with ways to verify Roblox accounts, but they could very easily make it based off of account/developer statistics. Roblox, which at the end of the day is a game company, should be capable of creating a proper verification system that does not require extremely personal information nor put the developer at a higher risk of account theft.


I dislike this whole “phone verification” procedure as it is discriminating to those of us who, for various reasons, are unable to use so called “smart” phones.