Plugin - Name Renamer

Hello. This is my first plugin I created and I want to share it !!
I present a Plugin that is not for you to use it every day, but only for one activity that you probably only do occasionally.
For example, when you need to use Tween to animate parts.

for i = 1, #ties:GetChildren() do
local tweenToNextTie = tweenService:Create(referencePart, tweenInfo, {CFrame = ties[i].CFrame})

But you need to have them aligned exactly for it to work properly. This means that the parts must have the names 1, 2, 3, 4 … and when there are many of them, it is annoying and unnecessarily lengthy. That’s why I made a simple plugin that will do it for you!
Here are pictures of what this plugin does.
I hope you like the plugin and that it will help. :wink:
You can write me any mistakes and suggestions for improvement.
Here is the download link.


Why would it be better than using a simple code?

for i, part in pairs(pathToTheInstanceContainingThePartsToRename:GetChildren()) do
    part.Name = i

yes, but he does this one by one. to make it easier to control.

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That for loop would iterate over every part in the indicated path and rename the parts in ascending order


I know you can’t start with 507, for example, so this is why this plugin exists.

local current = 507

for i, v in pairs(#partsPath:GetChildren()) do
    v.Name = current

    current += 1

This is exactly what this plugin does, just in the form of a button. :grin:
But I knew it wouldn’t have a positive evaluation.


Making simple plugins is a way to learn but I wouldn’t publish them.


Never mind. At least I learned that.

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Watching people tear into OP for publishing their first plugin gives me second-hand embarrassment. Obviously this isn’t the most practical or life changing plugin, but this section of the DevForum exists partially for the reason of showcasing free plugins.

I don’t get why these levels of unprofessionalism keep popping up, but they need to stop. It seems to be a recurring problem especially in this part of the forum.


Due to the nature of the DevForum, a lot of people believe that every single resource is going to be some technological genius of a masterpiece. (However, not a lot of people realize that anyone can use Roblox Studio, so they end up ragging on people who they think aren’t good.)

Like bro, I know you people want high quality plugins, but instead you’re demotivating this user. Learn to control yourselves.


This is fairly good for your first plugin in my opinion, although it isn’t very useful. But you can keep improving by practicing making plugins. I have to agree with @ghidras and @elliee_banana. People expect way too much out of a person’s first plugin. Stop demotivating the guy.


Well, actually, yes, but in my way of working it’s useful (copy part, rename, copy part, rename…) because once I renamed parts at once, only when it was marked, it wasn’t in the right order.
Next time I will make a plugin that displays all the unanchored parts. I didn’t see any plugin that knew it.
I hope it gets better.

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Thank you for making this, This plugin will help me a LOT, I will install it.


I’m happy when someone likes it. One more thing to fix: Asks you permission to add scripts but he shouldn’t do it. Nothing adds, just plugs itself into the core gui to be seen.
Edit: now I’m not sure if you’ve conceived this one or what I’m going to do afterwards.


I’m sorry, but I’m already working on it :rofl:
I was just thinking something like Light Editor
I display them on the screen.

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Given that I have no idea how plugins are made, I find every single one on the DevForum a genius plugin.

@BroOfNoob Great job on your first plugin :slight_smile:

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I needed this and just came across it, Thanks!

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