Plugin Permissions Not Saving For Some Plugins

For some plugins such as Deliver and Code Templates, script injection permissions will not be saved. I would expect script injection permissions to save like it does with other plugins. This issue has continued even after uninstalling all plugins.

This happens with Roblox Studio 461 on both Windows 10 and macOS Big Sur.

I am not sure when this issue began.

Video of this issue occurring with Code Templates

Reproduction steps:

  1. Use a plugin that needs script injection permissions (such as using templates in Code Templates or using --install roact in Deliver)
  2. Approve permissions
  3. Check in Plugin Management that script injection is enabled
  4. Close and reopen Roblox Studio
  5. Observe that script injection is not visible

I was able to find with some Web APIs that Roblox does store the correct setting for these plugins in the cloud.


I had an issue with this not too long after this permission feature was released. This plugin I had installed would just keep asking for permissions every time I restarted studio, but I didn’t report it since I just assumed it was the plugin being broken. I think I ended up disabling the plugin and replacing it.


Hi there, thanks for reporting this, we are looking into it. Have you been using the same account with this installation of Studio, or have you logged in/out during the time this has been occurring for you?


I have not switched accounts in Roblox Studio since installing either of these plugins.


I tried to reproduce your issue but could not from my account. Do you have a ton of plugins installed? How big is that JSON that you are reading from here? My guess is that adding one more permission might be going over the size limit on the installed plugin document and preventing saving.

Feel free to DM me the JSON - I have a test account which I can replace my plugins and see if maybe coming from your existing set of plugins is rubbing up against some account limits without respect to any other account constraints.

In theory, if you (backup first then) set the JSON document that you are accessing to {} and then try installing / setting permissions, it would be a clean test and it would drive both the JSON endpoint and the new permission endpoint that we are migrating to. If it’s the permission endpoint that was breaking if the JSON endpoint got too big, that would be a workaround until we stripped the permissions from the JSON endpoint…

I’d like to try and get a stable set of reproduction steps so that we can ensure that whatever issue you are seeing will be fixed by any changes that we make - otherwise we are just making educated guesses.


I sent you an invite to this DM with FriendlyAdder.

I have this problem with Array Modifier Plugin and Bubblechat Customizer, i always allow permissons to manage scripts in my game, this always prompts whenever i enter to edit a place.

Thanks to Dog2puppy for letting me trawl through your HTTP logs to diagnose the issue. It’s not the plugins, it’s Studio only remembering the first 10 Script Injection permissions on startup. There’s a fix we may be able to deploy tomorrow. I’ll keep you posted.


Update: Sorry for the bad news, but after conferring with the other engineers, the team deemed my proposed fix too risky to deploy - it’s complicated and we do not want to not break your Studio experience even further over the next week or two while we test and deploy the correct fix.

In the meantime, the best workaround(s) I can offer are:

  1. If you don’t close Studio after giving your 11th+ plugin script injection permission, it will remember your preference for the rest of the session. Plugins might bug you again starting local server/multiple client playtests if you can’t test in play solo (F5) mode. You can disable the affected plugin in the Plugin Manager beforehand.
  2. Everything should work fine on an alt account that has fewer than 11 plugins that have asked for script injection permission, although I recognize that may not be ideal for your workflow.
  3. Not recommended: If you must, it may be possible to copy some of the affected plugins from their cloud installed locations (in the file system - location varies by OS, but it should live somewhere in your user space and searching for your Roblox account ID should find them) to the local plugin development folder (found in the plugin tab of the Ribbon). You will lose plugin management functionality doing this (updates / enable / disable / permissions / uninstall without restarting Studio), and there are potential other side effects. Remember that we’re going to fix this soon, and if you take this kind of measure then you’ll want to undo this when we do.

I’ll reply with more news when we have more news / deploy a fix, and thanks for your understanding and patience.


Couldn’t this be behind a fast flag so that it can be disabled if there’s issues with it?

This is going to take a release cycle to fix, but flipping a flag to make things right for a subset of our users immediately has (a minor) data loss possibility for all users when we undo that flip. So the choice is between doing a little work now to fix the issue and leave some users in an annoying state (for a release cycle) with some workarounds vs moving all users to a deprecated state and then having to make a complex migration on all accounts after this minor reading issue is fixed.


It’s my unpleasant duty to report that this took us more time than anticipated, and I just learned that our changes weren’t picked up by the cutoff for this Wednesday’s production release. There are actually 3 fixes - one to mitigate this problem, another to fix it, and a 3rd to make sure the fix holds up robustly under heavy load that was caught in testing. Sorry to make you wait for another week, but the fixes are now all in testing, and it will go out next week.


With some flags flipped in the past 15 minutes, this issue should now be fixed. You may need to manually update the Studio binaries by going to the website ( Create - Roblox ) and clicking Start Creating. After restarting with build 467 (check in File / About Roblox Studio), all the permissions you set should be loaded appropriately without asking you again for the same plugins.


Looks like this issue was fixed! I didn’t need to update with the website. I was able to update using the Roblox Studio Bootstrapper. Thank you for fixing this annoying issue.

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