[PLUGIN] R6 Seat Previewer

Hi I made a plugin because whilst rigging vehicles for a project of mine, I noticed it was very difficult to preview what characters will look like when they are seated in them. Fortunately, I now present an easy solution that allows you to preview what a R6 dummy would look like if it was seated in a seat or vehicle seat.

It is compatible with R6 only. If someone wants to make an R15 version, let me know and I’ll publish the code onto GitHub!

How to use:

  1. Select the seat you want to put a preview dummy on
  2. Press the preview button in the plugin

Link: Seat Preview Plugin - Roblox


How is this better and different then, Seat Preview! (Plugin)?

The one above supports all rigs and even custom characters, you should possibly try to add more features to be different!

Could we get a video/demonstration of this plugin?

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In this guy’s defense, he was probably unaware that linked plugin even existed in the first place.


Yeah, I did not mean for it to come out in a rude way just wanted to state that this should have better features to be a more unique plugin.

Yeah I didn’t know that plugin existed, it’s next to impossible to search for plugins that aren’t favourited a lot or installed a lot with the Roblox search tool. I was searching for a plug-in that previewed seats and found nothing. I believe the plugin they linked has R15 only and the game I’m working on is R6 so I’m hoping people in the same boat as me can find some use in this :slight_smile:

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