Plugin to clone posed characters in an animation editor

Hey guys, I made a very simple tool that clones a character in place and removes rig attachments to prevent the joint transforms from being rebuilt whilst parenting. I got tired of using the command bar so I just made it into a plugin.

In other words, you can click a button to clone a posed character in place exactly how they are. It just removes attachments so accessories, clothing, and everything will be preserved too

Here it is!


Oh my god.

This seems just perfect for poses and rendering.


Instead of making it clone, you should just make a posing plugin by copying the animation editor’s functionality.

aint nobody got time for that


fair point

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Anyone who got this, make sure to update it or your accessories will be rekt


This plugin will make a fine addition to my collection

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Deleting rig attachments is not usually enough to preserve posing, because the Transform CFrame of the Motor6D is not serialized (non-archivable). Do you “bake” the Transform into one of the other Motor6D CFrames or anchor the parts before parenting the clone to the Workspace?

See also:

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Not sure what you mean, I’ve never had any problem simply deleting rig attachments to preserve posing.
That’s quite literally all this plugin does and it works :man_shrugging:

This is cool, I personally like to use Moon Animation Suite’s Weld Edit for posing, but I’ll give this a try :+1:

Didn’t realize this hasn’t been working for awhile.

Fixed it. You can now clone your posed character and it’ll also let you re-adjust the pose in the animation editor again. It simply sets the c0 to carry over the transform, so re-adjusting pose after cloning may be a bit more tedious unless I make a version that lets you revert to the previous c0 it had before you cloned it. (could do that in the future if people want)


Hey @tyridge77 I dont know if you want to bother keeping up with your plugin anymore but I think it ended up breaking again ;c

It was my holy grail for posing lmao

Haven’t had a lot of time lately, but found this :slight_smile:


Thanks a bunch man! Darn poses are rough to make manually >.<