Plugins don't use new icons

Reproduction Steps

In the new Studio UI build with the high DPI icon redesign enabled, open any plugin using the StudioService:GetClassIcon() API; for the following examples I will be using Reclass.

Expected Behavior

I expect the icons to match the new icons.

Actual Behavior


The legacy icons are shown instead - it is impossible to get the new icons to show.

Issue Area: Studio
Issue Type: Display
Impact: High
Frequency: Constantly


I was doing some messing around with the rbxlocaltheme protocol and turns out it only renders in the ribbon

Easiest solution would be to just bake the icons into ClassImages.PNG

Same issue on my plugin. (Old Screenshot, but acts as the same thing)

This was an oversight, not an intentional omission, it’ll be fixed.


Is there any update on this? Forgive me if I missed something, but I’m still not seeing a way to retrieve the new class icons.

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Still waiting for this. Would you mind bumping the issue internally if it’s fallen off the radar?