Plugins for realistic builds eg. a cafe

What plugins do you use?
I am a starter builder and I’m trying to learn building. I’ve gone through the developer forums and want to know more about building. Many builds need plugins and I know F3X, Archimedes and “part to terrain”. Other than this, I don’t know any. If anyone could tell me more plugins and skills, that would be great. Thanks!
I’ve looked at @ExecutiveFunds builds and they are very detailed. I wish I would know how to achieve that.


Ask a Roblox Builder, you only need this plugin.

This one you can create a terrain with a lot of triangles and it was similar to low poly build.

and if you want other part then just 4 part in Roblox studio you choose this plugin.


What skill are you willing to dive into regarding the theme - (style realistic, cartoony, modern, architecture,) if your more wanting to strive for realistic builds it’s not really plugins that can make buildings realistic it basically comes down to using textures, meshes use of lighting and more.

If your willing to learn to build short answer is you: practice and learn is a part of improving, or learn how to accomplish these a type of style your wanting but there’s a bunch of tips and suggestions you can learn, to dive into building is just practice.

Find images of the things your willing to create or make always start simple don’t just dive right into huge projects or realistic builds take pictures of things you want to recreate into your creation you could even right down different options in a notebook and save those for later progress and then putting them into your creation.


I have been going through the forum for a while, since I have been promoted to the ‘Member’ rank. I am aiming to build modern or futuristic builds. I’ve already gone through the basic building functions and have installed the plugin F3X.
Anyways, thanks for your idea!

Hi @BlackStarIndex! Thank you for the compliment. Me personally, I use Archimedes Two V2.4 (Archimedes (v3.1.9) - Roblox) the most. It is one of the best plugins I’ve used so far and helped me accomplish the following builds.

Good note: If you don’t know how to work from your imagination, use images from games! Personally I can never go without a concept art or a image to help me build. Copying from a picture 1:1 is much easier than using your imagination if you are a starter builder. Always use your current skill sets and once you master studio, try mastering Blender!

Also as my personal opinion, I’d stay away from gapfill as if you aren’t that experienced in the field of handling with triangles in a build, it gets a bit complicated at times.

Builds it has helped me make:


Find examples of what you want to make. For you, look at the dudes builds. Find out how he does certain things. Does he use textures? What materials does he use? How many colors does it have?

Thanks, your work is really good!

F3X is all you really need. I also use Gap Fill, Resize Align and Archimedes, but you can get away with just F3X if you know the keyboard shortcuts as it has some really powerful features.

What kind of special features? I find it similar to the Roblox default building settings, although it has keyboard shortcuts. I always try to make something realistic, but every time it just goes weird.

For example, holding R while using the Rotate tool will allow you to select a point of origin. This allows you to rotate the part/model around another part, model, or a different edge of the current part, rather than rotating around the centre of the part as it normally would.

Holding R while using the Move tool allows you to snap the part to a point. This is especially useful when trying to align parts perfectly. Holding R while using the Resize tool will also allow you to snap the selected edge to another part too. This is great for filling gaps.

Pressing T with the Move tool rotates the part to align with the surface of the part you’re placing it on. This is great for those awkward angles.

Hovering over each tool with F3X will bring up a tooltip with information about shortcut keys available while using the tool. It has some really great features, and I find myself building more with F3X than any other plugins, tools and methods.

Just use gapfill resize align and archimedes 2. Don’t waste your time with f3x. All f3x builders have a skill cap.

Ok then. Thanks for all of your suggestions.