Plugins / methods for road creation?

Does anyone have any plugins / know any methods to build this road system rather quickly?

Preferrably something that functions a bit like this with parts.

I think I have a lot of work cut out for myself… Thanks!


If I had a railway track creation plugin that is user-friendly and easy to adjust, that would be a dream come true. I’m in the same boat (no transportation pun intended) as you.


There is this plugin, but I have a feeling it may be a tad bit out of date.


Honestly in my opinion, using a plugin to make roads will not make you look as good as a developer. I myself only use 2 plugins, gapfill, and a terrain saver. Though when you use a plugin that can create objects for you it kind of defeats the purpose of having the game made by you. Once you have added something that was created by someone else it would seem you have used a free model. I honestly would just make the roads myself and make it seem more unique. If you make something from scratch it will almost never be the exact same as someone else’s. This makes you a developer who can show that they can build without the help of other peoples work. Even if this does not answer your question, I hope it will make you a better developer. Though this plugin should do the trick.


If you hold that opinion then I’d argue you’ll never be a good developer. Plugins are there to make your life easier, along with free models. There is absolutely nothing wrong with making use of tools others have provided you to assist you and potentially improve the quality of your work.

Roblox used OGRE for a very long time which was not created by them, and did that mean that the platform they developed was any less than it could have been? No, it actually meant they could focus more resources improving the quality elsewhere rather than trying to reinvent the wheel.

Of course, there is stealing intellectual property, but that’s another matter entirely. Judgement should be based solely on the content you output, not how you put it together.


I dislike road creation plugins, I really was looking for something more of a bone-based curve creator for using parts. Then I would add lines to it. I was just looking for easier ways to make a road, that’s it. Road creation isn’t as sophisticated in ROBLOX than it is in other game engines. Not only this, but who ever said I’d use road models made by TwentyTwoPilots? If a curve creator used my own personal reference model that I made from scratch, I’d be fine with it.

Currently, I use these plugins:
-Union Operations (so Handles will operate on a local axis like CTRL+L.)


I use plugins, yes. Though a plugin that does almost 100% of the work for you isn’t something I support. A plugin that creates roads for you and all you have to do is click seems to take away the developer aspect of creating a game. If you are going to use plugins like this I wouldn’t consider the game to be 100% made by the developer in their own unique way. I do in-fact support plugins that can make building easier such as Gapfill, ResizeAlign, and almost any plugin made by stravant. These plugins just simply make the work a little easier, but when a plugin does the work for you it doesn’t seem like something a developer should be doing.

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I’d use Archimedes two


This is a very strange argument considering you are making use of Roblox Studio and Roblox’s vast infrastructure (game servers, matchmaking, databases, distributed physics, hosting on platform, all for free). Would you want to implement and maintain all of that yourself by your argument?

If you’re making games and a plugin makes that easier for you, it would be silly not to use that plugin as a matter of principle. You want to make better games, don’t you?


I understand where you are coming from, and I am not directing my argument to every scenario. I am just trying to say that if you can see a way to make a game without using a plugin that can do it for you, then you should try and do it yourself. I do want to be able to make games easier, though in some cases plugins are not always needed, of course plugins will make it easier for you to develop a game. I just believe that if you are going to use a plugin that can do it for you, then you should at-least attempt to make it yourself before resorting to the plugin. Just to make it clear this is not a statement, just my own opinion on the subject.

REAL developers program their games from scratch in binary code.


you can do that on roblox? wow

I don’t think OP wants to spend the 2 years it will take to turn all those lines into tracks by hand. There’s a certain point where it’s more feasible to use tooling.





lol nah man its all good, just pour water on them lol



If you want a plugin that is good for curves and you can later add lines on then I’d recommend Archimedes. The plugin is a rather advanced plugin that does take some mathematical skill but once you get the proper values and positions you can make amazing circles, curves, etc…

The plugin can be found here

Studio Build Suite

You can also use building suites to help you with unions if you wish to make them yourself, a good example of this is studio build suite. The plugin just allows you to do so much more in such amazing detail, it is a rather simple plugin that you can learn from just experimenting.

The plugin can be found here


Hey there @Crxzycar, this is an old thread so i don’t know why I am replying

I suggest you use this plugin

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3 years?! Why are you bumping a post from February 2018, that’s my question.


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This is unbelievably old, but if anyone is still coming to this thread for help, I use this plugin for roads.