Plum's minimap - Rotating map, bordersnapping blips and more!

This might be a dumb question but how do I toggle the visibility of the minimap at runtime?

You can toggle the minimap with the




Is it possible to add a marker to the map personally for one player, and not for all at once?

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Yes. If you create the marker on the client (Or give the tag to a part on the client) while in runtime, then only that client will see that marker :slight_smile:

is it possible to render parts in the workspace in the minimap ?

This is not what the intended use for the minimap. It’s therefor only possible (Without making fixes and adding features yourself) to do with rendering beforehand with RoRender.

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Thank you. I managed to do it. In a local script set the detail tag and a remote event triggered it. :hugs:

would it be possible to refresh the minimap every time a new map is generated? not randomly, but a preset map

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I seemed to have reached the limitations of this method. My map size is 15870 x 6882 and I noticed the minimap was working as intended near the center, but as I went further along on the X axis, I noticed my player position on the minimap was overshooting the actual position (Z axis was fine however). I did some digging through the module and I realized that it uses a part within a ViewportFrame and Size.X has been capped out at 2048 studs unfortunately.

I had the idea to modify the module to use a massive SurfaceGui instead of a part, but then I realized that ViewportFrames aren’t able to display SurfaceGui’s within them. Anyone have any ideas for how I would be able to overcome the size limitation? Honestly not sure if this is due to a size limitation, or if I did something wrong.

I’ll have a look at this when I have time.

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Actually I think this might be a scaling issue because I was able to reduce the overshooting a bit by messing with line 50 in MinimapController, although its just trial and error and I’m unsure if it will have other repercussions:

local P =, (y * onepixel), ROOTPART_POS.Z) / divide

Edit: Got it pretty close to what I want by tweaking the position scaling and the map center. Not the prettiest solution, but hey it gets the job done! :smiley:

Please make sure that you have set the center of the minimap correctly. What was the middle of the image you took with rorender?

The center was (2508.5, 59, -3406) before I adjusted it.

Did it fix your problem? If not, could you then send over a place file so I can take a look?

Hello what are the settings to move the gui to the left side?

You should use the AnchorPoint setting and Position setting. The AnchorPoint setting should be,1) and the position setting should be UDim2.FromOffset(5, -5).

That should make the GUI be on the left-bottom side.

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hmmm now it is not on my screen at all

sorry! The position should be,5,1,-5) and the anchorpoint should be,1)

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Hello, the map works great. My issue is outside of the box. I’m looking to have the minimap only visible on top a pre-made GUI I have, which is enabled when a StarterPack tool is enabled (Map Tablet).

I’ve tried a few different way to get the Minimap to have my GUI as a parent but unable to find a solution. Anyone have any ideas I could try? Thanks! :slight_smile:

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You should toggle the minimap with the :Toggle() function, and change the ZIndex of the tablet to be 0 or less.

You should not change the parent of the minimap.