Plum's minimap - Rotating map, bordersnapping blips and more!

Thanks for the fast reply! Definitely gonna work on this here soon and post the results. Thank you!

thank you apperciate it yes sssssssssssssssssssaAAAAA

Sorry to bother you with such a simple thing, but I haven’t figured it out, what is the roundness of the round map you have in the gif? I tried multiple different roundness but couldn’t get it a perfect circle like yours.

I tried (.5,0) but it’s not 100% round like a circle.

How did you get the mini map to show the terrain and its detail too?

The minimap should be a square with the roundness set to,0) for a circle.

You can render your map with Rorender. Upload your minimap render to Roblox. Roblox images can be a maximum quality of 1024x1024.

Hi! How can i make a round minimap? I was trying to edit the settings and I come up with this:

How can i do something like this?

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I have already answered this question 2 posts above yours :slight_smile:

Hello there! Really great minimap. I have a question though, have you figured out a way to implement a GPS system? Thanks for sharing by the way!

Yes, I have already seen the post, but even with the roundness set to, 0) and the shape of the GUI as, 0, 180, 0) the result is still the same… :sweat_smile:

What is this is weird is that,0,180,0) should make the minimap way too big for the screen…
You should instead put it to,180,0,180) to set the pixels, because this will ensure it is a perfect square rather than setting it to percentage of a screen that has a different height and width.

I have not made a gps for the minimap, because this would require a lot of rewriting. Maybe I’ll look into it in the future, when clip descendants gets rotation support, and this minimap would require a rewrite anyways :grinning:

If you would like to experiment with a gps system yourself, then you should look into the A* pathfinding algorithm, which is the algorithm I would use for a gps system.


Thanks for the tip! This made the minimap a circle just like the .gif!

IMPORTANT: recently I discovered that a blip won’t show up if its part is uncollidable, so make sure to enable CanCollide.

Setting a part to uncollideable should not be an issue. Please make sure your part is anchored. Otherwise it will fall through the map and disappear.

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I already tried that, the problem was definitely (un)colliding so I just made it collidable but underground (and anchored). Thank you for replying anyways!

Try downloading the minimap from the showcase game. The parts for the blips in that game has cancollide off, and they still work :slight_smile:

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Pretty weird bug in my own game then, not sure why it happens. Thank you for replying!

I have a question, are there are any other ways to get a render of your map without using RoRender?

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You have to render an image of your map. Rorender is a tool for that. If you are thinking of methods like just putting the map in and it will be generated on the fly, then no.