POLL - Would you play the chrome dinosaur game in roblox?

So just came up with the idea of a game today. Here’s the question - (any feedback on how to improve the idea accepted)

Would you play a game based on the chrome dinosaur game, but with upgrades, skins, and missions?

  • YES! That sounds like a great game idea, and I’d play it!
  • NO! sounds really boring…

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Note - I KNOW I voted, it’s just so I can see the votes you guys put in…


Just a small personal opinion, the dinasour game should be 3D is it could look much better with skins and all of those stuff.


I know, right! That was my idea exactly lol

This sounds interesting to play. It would be really neat if the dinosaur game were to be in Roblox with skins and such.


Very true, I think pushing out new character and different type of of dinosaurs would be also good.


Honestly I feel like if people wanted to play it they would likely play the original or the flash game versions of it, so I doubt it would be very popular.

Buuuuuut… In the spirit of trying…

You could do so, I would highly suggest well thought out levels like actual 3D levels similar to sonic.

Skins and such are viable but for “Bonuses” or “Upgrades” it depends on if you want it to be a multiplayer type of deal, do you want it to be more like a skill race where last player alive wins, or a speed race where first person to finish wins? if you choose to do upgrades they would have to be on a single round basis else it would make it more unfair for newer players and in racing/skill games that can severely diminish the amount of people willing to play.


It smart idea to make a Chrome Dinosaur game with upgrades and more.


I’m good at organizing those kinds of things, so that will be figured out once I have a team to help me out

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Well, there was a flappy bird game by Dummiez on Roblox, however it’s no longer popular and it racked in a bit of cash and visits, however that’s flappy bird, a game that is much more popular than the chrome dinosaur game.

It’s a idea I guess to go for, if you were to add possibly levels and such you might get some amount of players returning for more in order to beat the game. Add badges, points, and levels with possibly power up’s you might have something there. If it’s just a chrome dinosaur game rehash then no.


That’s a good idea. I think also adding unlockable levels and day-night cycle may increase enjoyment and ability of players to grind money for new upgrades.
And i think a “Night-only” mode would be good for players that are playing in a dark environment :black_flag: :white_flag:
You could also add a story mode to make the game more playable (because they want to finish Story Mode, hehe).


Roblox players tend to enjoy games where they can interact with each other. Personally, I wouldn’t play this type of game as it seems kind of boring no offense. If this game is 3D and includes player interaction, this is definitely something I would play.

Player interaction can be added to the dinosaur game in many ways:

  • Races/Competitions
  • Leaderboards
  • Trading/Gifting
  • Chat
  • Spectating

Keep in mind that players also like to show off their avatars in-game. An easy way to do this is to have a skin trading lobby.

In conclusion, a 2D single-player game would be boring in my opinion. Adding the things above would attract more players.

You should definitely try to make this game and see where it goes.

Good luck!

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I’ll definitely use these ideas. I want to, however, veer as far away from a simulator as possible


Seems like the kind of game I would play once and forget about for the rest of my life. Really there isn’t a lot of room to make a memorable game if the core gameplay is based around jumping over objects and such – skins and different maps and all that can only go so far when the core gameplay is empty.


For some reason I can’t visualize the 3D Chrome Dinosaur in my head.

Anyway, I think the idea isn’t really too creative. In my opinion, skins, missions, and upgrades are mostly just filler, unless if those missions and upgrades have a link in the plot, but the Chrome Dinosaur game has no story (at least the original). The original game also was really bare-bones, so I guess adding filler like that would be almost mandatory if you wanted players to keep playing for more than a few days.

No offense, but it just sounds like a cash-grab game. I’m not saying that you’re a developer who’d do that, though. Personally, I think the Chrome Dinosaur game is a bad choice if you wanted to do something like this.

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This game would be redundant and repetitive. There is little chance you could retain an audience for long with this, even with skins and such.

Reasoning behind this:

  • Popular games have multiple objectives with tons of potential for growth and expansion, and gives all players a sense of progression and well-being.
  • If a player was in the dinosaur-game mood, they would just turn off their internet or search the game.
  • There is very little room for growth on this type of game. It would be a cool project, but not a game.
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This game would be pretty cool on roblox but maybe make it 3D for skins and you could have another game which is 2D.

I’d love to see a Chrome Dinosaur game in Roblox itself.
I’m not gonna lie, I’d play it.

If it is exactly the same as in Chrome like the game when you have no wifi (which you can also find by going to chrome://dino) then no.
If you are making it in 3D (actual dinosaurs) it would be nice, since it is something new then and not just a copy.

TL;DR If you make a ‘new’ version (3D, etc.) I would definitely play it. If it is just a copy of the game like in Chrome, then no.

It’d be very fun to play the Chrome dinosaur game, but a new 3D version of it. I believe that upgrading and building on top of that game would make it more fun to play. Having the same 2D version is essentially not worth it (it can easily be played by turning wi-fi off and opening up Chrome as opposed to launching Roblox).

Creative thought, I must say!

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The dinosaur game may be fun for a little bit, but it would get old kind of quick. The game is really for when people are waiting for their internet to come back or for when they’ve got nothing to do. However, if you want this to be a short term project and just want it for fun, I say go for it! :slight_smile:

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