Poly Adventures Dev Log #1 - New and Upcoming Island Adventure Game

Dev Log #1, 26th July 2021

Welcome to the first ever Dev Log for Poly Adventures! A new and upcoming Island Adventure game. Feel free to leave any suggestions or ideas that spring to mind in the comments and we might use them!

The 6 strong team:
@luckysuperman2 - GFX Artist
@supergreatr299 - Scripter
@dinoboy5560 - Builder
@teddyraptor5 - Builder
@Reset26154308 - Animator
@Psynite - Builder/Modeler

Thanks to @jamiedogger666 for one of the house models

The Map

The beginning of buildings have started to appear around the town

Next, we have…

Tools and Items!

Some of the Tools and Items you can find in the game

If you made it this far, Thanks for reading! If you have you can ask them in the comments, I hope you tag along for the next dev log!

In the next dev log you might find:

  • More Updates on the Map + Extra Shops
  • New Tools
  • The start of new monsters
  • And more!