Poppin ' Staff Job Descriptions

Job Descriptions

This guide will list all of the ranks, and what their responsibilities, and expectations are.

Trainee - Senior Barista

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These ranks are under the LR category. Low Ranks are required to have at least 3 workers behind the counter during shifts. Must use grammar at all times. 25 points for each promotion.

Staff Assistant

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Staff Assistant are encouraged to help out in any way they can, whether it’s behind the counter, or mediating tough situations. Assist LRs in whatever they need, questions and concerns, etc. Spectate and help out at Interviews/Trainings. +30 points each promotion.


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Host and watch over the parlor during shifts and other sessions. Watch out for trollers and exploiters. Exploiters get an immediate pban, trollers will receive 3 warnings prior to a kick. Assist at trainings, you are able to interview. +30 points to a promotion.


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Manages and moderates the parlor when an HR isn’t present. Managers should host training, shifts, and interviews daily. Promotion to HR requires an additional 30 points. Works with lower ranked staff to ensure mediation.

Public Relations Officer

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Manage and associate with our alliances. As a PRO, you are encouraged to recruit members, find potential alliances, answer questions, fill out alliance forms, and represent the group in a professional manner. PRO’s must also make sure that important announcements get through to our alliances and that our events hosted are successful. Officers must monitor whether or not the alliance benefits both groups and continues to benefit both groups. Termination of an alliance must happen within a discussion between the Public Relations Team, HR+, and the representatives from the other group.

Chief Staff Officer

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The responsibility of chief of staff is to check in with all staff members to see what recent activity needs attention. Work with staff to help the group maintain a healthy community, and deal with rank management. Chief Staff Officers need to ensure that all lower ranked staff have read the handbook, and have access to applications.

Corporate Director

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Corporate Directors manage interactions and events with new alliances. Works with members in every department. Announce events and game-nights, make sure staff team is doing their job, and work with the whole group to come up with new additions and concepts for the group.

All staff must try their best to be active and make some sort of effort to obtain their job at Poppin '. More regulations in the staff handbook listed below.