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About me
Hello, I’m 2Bvild, formerly known as nafishh! I am offering my services as a builder & a GFX Artist. I also do 3D Modeling. I have been building for 11-12 months on Roblox and have previously worked on a few projects.
I’ve worked with a lot of peoples. @Lucid_Reese, @BurgerBurner, @B6VA are among my notable commissioners!

Here are some of my past works:


This includes all my newer and older GFXs.



This includes all the newer and older builds.

I am available for 6 to 8 hours of work on the weekends. I’m available 4-6 hours on normal days. You can contact me any time.

Prices are negotiable, I accept either Paypal or group fund payments. My preferred payment method is Paypal.
I don’t accept GFX commissions.

You can contact me here on the Developer Forum or via Twitter at: https://twitter.com/nafishh
You can also message me on roblox or on discord.
Discord: 2Bvild#6601

Thanks for reading!
nafishh :slight_smile:! !


Good building but if you are saying that your graphics are worth 2,000 R$ I think it might be slightly overpriced.

  1. You have little examples of work.
  2. Mayeb improve your lighting by using a hdri, because so far it’s kinda plain.
  3. Have more variety. Maybe do a scene graphic! :slight_smile:

I think your builds are a good 5 k starting price, but you graphic designs in my opinion are currently worth 250 - 500 R$! Good work so far though.


Incredible builds! Would highly recommend Nafishh his work is stunning!


My graphics aren’t worth 2k robux.
Anyways, thanks for your suggestions.

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Commissions have been opened!!

Added more GFXs to my portfolio!

Added New Builds to my portfolio!

Commissions have been closed as I just got hired.

Your work is a little bit over priced considering what you can build.

I’ve had talked to some of my Known Developer friends. They did said that the price is ok, thou.

Still though for like a small build 1 - 5k

The GFXes could use some work but the builds look very good imo. Keep experimenting with different styles and genres! :slightly_smiling_face:

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The version 1 of Frappe cafe build could be classified as a small build, which is worth 5k. And I’m sure enough that the builder did charged 5k+.

Thank you very much! I appreciate your kind words. :slight_smile:

I get could a high detailed 700 x 700 map built for 5k

His builds aren’t over priced. If anything they’re under priced. I’ve paid 20k+ for a high detailed 500x500 map in the past. You must be new to developing if you think you can get a highly detailed 700x700 map for 5k. Either that or your ideals of “highly detailed” are flawed.

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Hahaa, new to developing? I know people who would make a high detailed 700 x 700 map for 5k you just need to know where to look.