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About Me

Hi there! I am offering my services as a builder. I’m specialized in building, especially for RP games such as Cafe and Hotels. I have been building for 1 year on Roblox and have previously worked on titles such as Sigma Hotels, I’m also starting modelling on Blender.


Here one of my works: [BETA] V2 Sigma Hotels - Roblox

Here some pictures of my previous works:


I’m available anytime and can work many times, it depends on what period of the year we are.


Price is negotiable, I accept every payment methods except crypto money. Also if I’m interested in the job, I can work for free. I’m here to help and improve my skills.


You can contact me in the DevForum or simply DM me via Discord: Aethersthetix#7791

Thanks for reading, and stay at home :smile:.


Hi ,I am interessed i need you for my project go check there:
[OPEN]The Jurassic Warrrrr!His now hiring people FOR FREE!Last chance!
If you are interessed you can contact me on the dev forum or discord: pushy1511 # 7959 and pushy151 # 9643 (discord)
Sorry for my bad english…

Sorry, I’m not interested, that’s not my kind of build.

New assets [SubblezTM Training Center]:

[link of the asset: [RANK UP!] Training Facility! - Roblox]

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Vouch! Quality builds, (in a really clean “blocky” style) with a lot of potential. Also a very polite person with lots in store in the building sector. Don’t underestimate yourself Aether, charge some money because these builds are great :slight_smile: .

Hello! It seems like your discord name has been changed, I couldn’t add you. May you add me please? JonathanAviation#8839

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New portfolio: Aether New Portfolio | General Development: Building, Scripting and UI Design
@JonathanAviation Sent friend request.

Hello. I am interested in your builds. Are you available? Please contact me on discord. I am looking for a small modern cafe, training center, and interview center.

Hello! It seems like your Discord user and/or tag isn’t working. Can you please add me on Discord at: itilva8630#8882?

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Done. [30 Chhhhhaaaaarrrrrssssss]

Please can you add me, xJ_oshh#2328. @Aethersthetix