[Portfolio] DraftingTurtle9753 | Scripting Service

Hello there DevForumer! I am DraftingTurtle9753, also known as Charl9753, and I am here today to offer my scripting services to the wider community.

Information About Me

My Name: Charlie
My Location: UK
My TimeZone: GMT + 1
Experience with scripting: Roughly 4 years
Professional: A most definite Yes
Joined Roblox in: 2016
Friendly: YES!

Things I am Experienced in

Datastores (stats and objects / models)
Remote Events + Functions
Big Modules
Admin Commands
Dev Products + GamePasses
Player Joined Functions
A lot more! (Feel free to ask once contacted)

Things I am not / half Experienced in

FPS Games
Anime Fighting Games
Magic and / or Spells
Vehicle Systems
Enemy AI (however, this is based off of complexity)

For any work that is requested, that needs [X] asset(s), I will require them assets to complete your order to its best potential.

As of right now, I do not have much work to show off (as most of my work is un-released) however, once in contact, I can show you more of what I can do.

Here are some projects that I have worked on
I also have worked on making professional UI animations

p.s More is to be added soon!

I am able to work for around 30 to 50 hours a week, depending on events and circumstances.
(if any sudden things are to happen, the client will be notified immediately)

Here is my weekly Schedule

Monday: School 8:40am - 3:30pm ā€Ž | ā€Ž Available 4:30pm - 11pm
Tuesday: School 8:40am - 3:30pm ā€Ž | ā€Ž Available 4:30pm - 11pm
Wednesday: School 8:40am - 3:30pm ā€Ž | ā€Ž Available 4:30pm - 11pm
Thursday: School 8:40am - 3:30pm ā€Ž | ā€Ž Available 4:30pm - 11pm
Friday: School 8:40am - 3:30pm ā€Ž | ā€Ž Available 4:30pm - 11pm
Saturday: Available 10am - 11pm
Sunday: Available 10am - 11pm

My preferred method of payments are:

  • USD (through PayPal)
  • Robux (t-shirt, gamepass, group funds + 30% tax)
    (Robux and USD are to be calculated through DevExchange)

What I will not accept:

  • Percentage (unless I agree)

Iā€™d like to say for the amount of time and effort that I put into my work, I would expect a minimum of 100R$ however, this is HEAVILY based on how much work there is to do.

If I complete your work and am not to receive a payment, I am fully entitled to release the ordered work(s) to the public.

Prices are to be negotiated further once in contact.

There are many ways of contacting me:

  • DevForum (I will reply as soon as I can)
  • Discord: Charl9753#5898 (fastest reply rate)
  • Email: charl9753business@gmail.com (Reply as soon as possible)

I hope you all have a good day and remember, Stay Positive!

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