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About Me :coffee:

Hey there! I’m Billy and I’ve been scripting for 2 years though I’ve been on Roblox for 5 years. I’m 14 years old and I am currently a Mechanic In real life. Roblox is my hobby!

Examples :memo:

Below you can see some examples of my past work!

Open Sourced Models.

[TUTORIAL] How to make a Verification Command! [NODE.JS]

[OPEN SOURCE] Admin Panel (Easy to setup)

Scam Remove Bot | Working

– More Coming every week from now! If you would like anything added here Feel Free to PM me what you want adding here.


I provide a Few Services, Here is a list of them.

HmmBilly || API Services [OPEN]

HmmBilly || Application Centers [OPEN]

HmmBilly || Ranking Center [OPEN]

(Custom API Service Coming soon)


Cafe I made - https://www.roblox.com/games/3078756650/JustBillyHs-Place-Number-15

Custom Nametags - https://www.roblox.com/games/3392876152/Name-Tag-Thingy

Places I have Developed for!

Frizzed - AI Services, No longer Used since Contract Ended.

Gusto - AI Services

Kronos Studios - AI Services

Remmington - AI Services

Riverside Prison - AI Services, No longer Used since new Owner.

Mano County - AI Services + Discord Bot

Echelon Hotels - AI Services , Building / Scripting Maps. Left Due to not getting paid.

Availability :clock3:

I am for hire
I’m currently for hire and I’m quite flexible with my work hours.

Payment :moneybag:

I’m currently am, accepting payment via PayPal & Robux. I won’t hand the files over until the payment is received.

Contact :telephone_receiver:

You can contact me via Discord. My username is BillyH#8170 .


I vouch billy, i’ve known him and his models are dope!

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Added new Tutorial! How to make a group member joined event

  • Also updated Who I worked for. Had a few contracts since.

All Services are on Sale until next Friday! (20th)

[UPDATE] All Ranking Services are now Fixed including
App Centers , Rank Centers, Sticks, Etc.

All you have to do is contact me on here or Discord!

@HmmBilly What AI services do you do?

Application, Ranking, Discord , Off-site ranking (90% done)

Dude, that’s insane. I love your work! I’d like to know if I could get an application centre and a ranking centre. Thanks

Sure, just hit me up on discord.

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Just sent you a friend request.

Added new discord tag due to an Issue with Discord Moderation,

New Tag is : BillyH#8170

I can vouch for Billy. He’s very flexible, and despite limited payment options on my side, he’s been very helpful throughout the process. I highly recommend Billy to anybody looking for an affordable center, as he is by far the best choice in the Roblox community as of now.

Edit: Note ToxcPlayz was fired as he had leaked an API Key, which caused to an admin abuse attack originating from a group he is part of. Everybody I’ve interacted with in the server besides ToxcPlayz (who was extremely immature), is satisfied with Billy’s work.

How much would an application center cost

You can see all prices on the SecureService post: [OPEN] SecureService | Ranking Services & Many more!