[Portfolio] Minideliciouspant3: Animator, Builder

About Me

Ello! I’m Minideliciouspant3. I’m a builder/animator. I’ve built multiple games, and animated a few animations for a popular game known as UK:RC Redwood County.

My Work



Animation_7 - YouTube
Animation_1 - YouTube
Animation_2 - YouTube
Animation_3 - YouTube
Animation_4 - YouTube
Animation_5 - YouTube
Animation_6 - YouTube


I’m available most of the time, I can do maybe 1-4 hours a day during the week. I don’t usually work on the weekends.


I only take Robux at the moment, one day I’ll possibly do USD. Also, I only send through the work once you’ve paid. Just so that I don’t get scammed.

Small builds: R$150 - R$1k
Medium builds: R$1.5k - R$5k
Large/Massive builds: R$10k+

Short animations: R$50 - R$300
Medium animations: R$500 - R$750
Long animations: R$1k+


I’m quite active on Roblox/DevForum. Leave me a message and we can talk.
Discord: minideliciouspant#4453

Thank you for reading my portfolio, have a great day!

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