[[Portfolio]] NeverTrustBob || Builder/Modeler and Map Designer

How do you do fellow Robloxians,

About me

I’m a map builder who was a Roblox Accelerator last fall. I do Roblox Development as my actual job so expect fast work.

My Skills
I’m pretty solid with Smooth Terrain and low poly builds. I’m still fairly new to blender but have made inroads with using substance painter and more towards texturing. I have experience building large maps and finishing them at a speed that is remarkable.


All Work Below

Mega Map

RoCitizens 2.0

Large maps


Empire State

Attack On Albert

League of Heroes


Medium maps

Time Travel Dungeons

Time Travel Adventures

Small/Simple Maps

Candy Collecting Simulator

Candy Collecting Simulator 2

Survive Albert

Camping Online

Monster Simulator


Currently, I work full-time for RoCtiziens. I am not for hire as I dedicated my time to RoCitizens and any side personal projects I have.

Contact Me

You may follow me on Twitter at: @AlwaysTrustBob1

Regards, Bob!


Great work, but I’m afraid I just can’t trust you! :wink:

In all seriousness, I love the work, looks detailed and awesome. Keep it up and I hope you get some great comms!


I know Bob really well and I can tell you that he pours his heart and soul into what he does. Really awesome lad with some awesome creations :sunglasses::+1:


Wow Bob your builds are out standing i really like every last one of them. Have nothing else to say about that man very great creations you made…! :clap:


These look incredible, shot ya a friend request on Discord!


Bob, you are great and are an inspiration to me and my brother, and motivate me to keep building, I’ve seen some of your streams on YT, awesome work keep on building!


One of the most hardworking builders I’ve ever met. Stand up guy with some outstanding builds to go along with his great personality. 10/10 would recommend.


I sent a friend request on Discord BK (too short)

Being 100% honest, these builds are absolutely astounding… Keep it up!


You sound really professional and you really put a lot of work into your games.


Hey my husband just sent you a discord friend request. We have paid work for you! His user is AviatorGaming#2523


I love the work you showed! Looks like you put a lot of care and effort into your builds, which is what any game owner could want!

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Amazing work!! You are one of the best developers and modelers on this platform, for your style, speed, and overall quality that I have seen in games you have developed for!!

I just sent a friend request on discord! I love your work, and I would love to hire you! Im rosscko!

I am really interested in hiring you! Please get back to me when you can!

Sorry right this second I am tied up on a few commissions maybe another time.

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Your totally fine! Let me know when you are available! I would love to hire you!

Hello fellow Bob! You work looks great and I would definitely be interested in hiring you some time.

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