[PORTFOLIO] (Open Again) Chemicalex - Programming, Building, Graphic/Gui Design, Character Art

Chemicalex - Development Portfolio

Hi! I’m Chemicalex (but I also respond to Alex or Chem!), and I’ve been using Roblox as a development platform for about six years now. I’ve done script work on games such as Era of Terror as well as artwork for groups such as melonslice. If you need me for a job, chances are I either at least know what I’m talking about in the area you need, or I can figure it out with enough tinkering.

My Work

The Fun Stuff

What better way to show off what I can do than to give you an overall example of something I've done?

Adventure's End

This is a Roblox 3D platformer I’ve been working on for a while now. Everything you see here (except for the background music) was built up from scratch by myself.

You can play the current released build here if you’d like to see how it plays.

The Nitty-Gritty

Wooh, my biggest area! I have intermediate knowledge of 3D math, vector math, and as much trig/algebra as I need to find a way to get where I'm going.

I can’t reveal very much code due to privacy concerns, but I can throw out some open-sourced projects I’ve done here:

2D particle Engine

This is a module that can be used to make particles on the 2D Gui plane. Of course, it can be modified to be placed in a surface or essentially anything you can stick a Gui object into. You have arguably more control over your particles here than you would have with Roblox's builtin 3D particles as you can alter them with return values issued by the module. [Try it out here](https://www.roblox.com/library/2217334446/Chems-Particle-Engine) (Documentation included) Examples:


ezgif-4-8dd749a14f38 (this example was made by @boatbomber!)

3D Screen Raytracer

This is a fun little project I did recently. This is a raytracer I made using a huuuge amount of raycasts, some realtime CSG, and a whole lot of horsepower from your PC. It supports some level of supersampling, high resolutions (up to 1920x1080!), and properties like reflectance and even mirror parts that reflect other parts. You can copy and try out the place [here](https://www.roblox.com/games/3083779655/Raycast-Mirror).


A Whole Platformer Engine

This game was already shown off in the projects tab, but there's a lot of technically impressive stuff going on here. Raycasting, use of delta time, and cross-platform play are all good examples.


Over the years, I've gone from an absolute dunce in the area to someone who can at the very least get something decent down. Here's some samples of my work:

Gui design
Yeah, I do this too. My forte here is making things that scale well to any device, as well as working in tandem with my scripting abilities to make a good cross-platform user experience.

Art is a big passion of mine. I've spent my time in the Roblox Twitter Community and have developed a good art style for expressive characters; take some eye candy:



(BONUS) Composition
This is more of a minor thing, and I'm not including it as a big point. That said, I have made music in the past, and here are some samples of what I've come up with.

(That last one’s a remix of Social Distortion-Don’t Drag Me Down)


I like to charge based on projected hourly work time. Payment is negotiable! I can take either PayPal (preferred) or Robux.


I read all messages on both the Developer Forum, Twitter (@Chemicalex_) or Discord (chemicalex#5880).


I haven’t seen many portfolios where a developer could work around scripting, building, graphic design, and art.

I really like your work, especially the cave you’ve built, it shows a lot of attraction, and as well as your project, I’ll be sure to check it out. Reminds me of a SM64 style game.

Good luck to future projects/comissions. :slight_smile:


I want to publicly say that Chem here is absolutely all that he says and more. An exceptional, well rounded dev who is a pleasure to work with and can deliver anything you might desire.


I have never seen a developer who has full specialization in

  • scripting
  • building
  • GFX
  • UI design
  • character art
  • music

It would take roughly a year to complete that whole portfolio. Your building, scripting, UIs, and art-works show dedication.

GOOD :clap: JOB :clap: TO :clap: YOU!


Your builds are awesome and creative, i can’t believe you have all this time to do all 6 positions that is some really great stuff man…

Good job and good luck on your work :+1:


Damn! That is some impressive work. You are truly a Renaissance man.

I do all of this stuff myself (I’m doing everything for my current game project) but I don’t have the ethic to do it for other people. Huge kudos to you for being able to get that all done, more for other folks out there. Just take this skillset to any job and I have no doubt that they’ll hire you on the dot. You’ve got talent and you can show you mean business.

Outstanding job.


Hey uh, recently Soybeen needs a solo dev to help him on his project called Big Booga Dig.

I think this one fits for you. And your works are really great, good luck!

Incidentally, I’ve applied for this already! Thanks for the support, though!


Woah, those graphics look great!


@iiLemurz_RBI agree, This dude is amazing!


The project just gives me a SBS vibe… nice work.

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Sorry if this is considered a necropost, but are you currently open to work with right now? Interested with fantastic work shown above.

Same here! Would love to work with you! :smile:

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Hi Alex!

I’m really interested in all aspects of your work. I was wondering if you’d be interested working within a Cafe business as the Lead Developer (primarily in scripting).
I’d be willing to pay in USD, hopefully we can come to an arrangement?


Hello! Your discord name or tag might be wrote wrong, can you add me? Harmless_Sound#6196

Your work looks amazing!

Hi there, extremely interested in talking with you however your discord tag seems to be invalid, feel free to add mine Caspyrr#6241. Hope to hear from you!

Hey Chemicalex, Your Discord username tag does not work if you wanna contact me mine is ProHunt#4501

Open again after a long hiatus. Post has recently been updated with a bit of newer info.

Reached out to you on discord ROWG_Leader#3822 hope to hear from you!

Hey! Are you still for hire? Looking for someone for a 100-200 USD job.