Full time dev opportunity - Big Booga Dig

Hello, I’m Soybeen, the creator of Booga Booga.

In early 2018 I made a side project called Big Booga Dig, which is a Booga-branded dig simulator with 13 million visits and a concurrent playercount that ranges between 20-100 people.

I am looking for an ambitious solo developer who would like to maintain and update the game for 50% of its profits, post market fee.

The deal is this:
You conceptualize updates for the game, designing exactly what you want. Pitch your idea to me, and with approval, I’ll let you execute it. After your first update to the game, I’ll sign you on for 50% of its earnings post-market fee. You are required to make at least one approved update to the game each month to stay on payroll.

You must bug test your additions, and updates need to go smoothly. If complications arise, we can handle them, but you need to be very consistent and reliable.

This is a great opportunity for an up-and-comer to get some experience with player traffic. Big Booga Dig is the perfect springboard, coming with a pre-built audience and constant passive advertisement through its association with the parent title, so you don’t need to get the game off the ground.

Experience is required
You absolutely must have coding experience. Send me examples of systems you have made.
You must be able to build with a style that matches the game. (this isn’t too difficult, I like it basic)
You must be willing to engage with me in critical discussions about your ideas, and be willing to adapt if there is a conflict in design philosophy.

Game statistics

  • Big Booga Dig passively earns around 350k Robux per month, pre-market fee, earning more than 1.5 robux per visit average, which is a very healthy ratio.
  • The game has not been updated since April 2018.
  • The audience is about 50% PC, 25% tablet, 25% phone, and a tiny fraction of Console users.

My Goal
I want Big Booga Dig to be earning 1 to 2 million robux every month. By my estimates this would require an average of 250-350 players

Your official position is co-developer. You are not legally employed by me, so there are no forms to sign. You may leave the project at any time, but you will exempt further payment. If your performance is satisfactory I will pay you on the 1st of every month for 50% of the game’s earnings in the month prior, post-market fee, with the pay pro-rated based on the day of your first update. As sole owner of the game and development group I am within my rights to remove you from the project and payroll at any time. You are not allowed to use assets or code from this project in any external project, and you do not gain rights to use or share Booga Booga intellectual property outside of its application in Big Booga Dig. These terms are open to negotiation.

The most appealing part about this deal is that your pay is purely self-determined. The better your updates, the more players you get, the more money you earn. You are in control of your payout.

With all this in black and white, please post your questions/qualifications here, or DM me.
I look forward to meeting interested talent who can push the game further.

EDIT: I’ll be reviewing candidates over the next couple of weeks, send me something to look at before then, I will respond to let you know if you’re being considered.


I’d love to apply. I’m working on a few things right now actually


This is a cool thing getting involved with top-class developers. However, I am too busy. Love the outreach though! Good luck on this amazing journey your game has been on!

How long do you plan to take to decide on a developer? I want to prepare a portfolio and it may take a few days. I also want to play the game so I can determine if I am up to par, and come up with some ideas so that I am not applying for something that I’m not prepared for. Hopefully, I don’t miss this amazing window of opportunity!

I will be reviewing candidates over the next couple of weeks, there is no deadline set for when I will choose, but you have at least that amount of time to submit something for me to review


Does this mean you are looking for someone who can script and build, or are each of the seperate?

He’s looking for someone capable of managing, building, and scripting all in one.

He has other projects he is currently enrolled in and needs someone to finish off this one.

In return he pays 50%.

Ah, in that case this may not be suited for me. I can build and perfectly familiar with building tools, but I’m not that good.

I’ll wait for his response, though.

Yes that’s right, I am looking for someone capable of doing both with solid experience. You don’t have to be Einstein-Michelangelo, but, the most competent candidate will be chosen.

Well I’m unable to build well unfortunately, but I do enjoy scripting and try to get to the best I can be.

I’d love to apply if possible. Is there any way to contact you?

DM or post it here.
DM is on DevForum.

is it a one-man job or we can be a builder and a scripter working on it?

Soybeen, aren’t you a scripter yourself?

Quick question, how long would you expect a developer to be working on updates?

Yes I just have no time to work on Big Booga Dig myself.

At least one a month. Obviously preferably more, I want someone enthusiastic.

Since you’re on percentage and have sole culpability for the game’s success, the harder you work the more you’ll make.

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Awesome! Thanks for your help. Seems like this’ll be a good position to take up in my eyes!

I’d agree to work on an even better game idea, splitting 50/50 profit and doing everything other than coding.

Up to you. I want to make big dollars.

If my co-dev couldn’t code I would pocket 99.9% and use the remaining 0.1% to contract a builder for the necessary assets.

Coding is so essential!! Everyone should go learn