(Positions filled)Game logo designer needed 10 - 50 robux

Hi I am making a new game called Medieval Simulator

I am looking for a game Icon designer
Sneek peak


10 - 50 robux Via T shirt Group Funds

Contact Me


Thanks for reading! :slight_smile:


Imo 10-50 robux payment is way too low for the quality you’re expecting :slight_smile:


Including 40% of game revenue. So yeah.

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Include that in your payment, that is crucial


Ok then what do you recommend?

I am not a gfx designer, so I hope others give their suggestions, but maybe upwards of 300 [as long as you’re not expecting the logo to be with it, just make sure you include that you don’t]

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I know someone who will do some gfx for you for 40%

May I get their Contact Info thanks for letting me know :smile:

You can contact them through discord if you don’t have discord then your out of luck.

I have a discord. RobloxTech#0300

I can do a simple group Icon for 50 robux, but it won’t be all fancy or anything it’ll just be 1 avatar with a background and text

Ok then I will warn you it’s only 50 in my other acc. So if I get the robux In the group It will be less than 50

Their discord is koolkat339#9633. They may not respond for a bit though UltraaOrder#9456 is my discord if you would like me to send you some of their work.

Ok I sent them a friend request thanks.

Send me a FR on disc at langodan1#0511 and I’ll see what I can do

OK I sent! Thanks For you all letting me know!

Bro I am actually quaking how come you guys are wanting more than 10 - 50 robux that actually has me shaking . Don’t listen to them bro.


^this is like 10 robux worth you guys should be grateful :unamused:

Yea im joking but fr you have to offer more m8 10 - 50 robux isnt even a gfx if I am gonna be honest that is more of a I don’t know, a png render.


Well Ok A game Logo with words saying Medieval Good Simulator

I agree, because people should not dictate others over a price

Sorry? Have you ever made a gfx, people play for the quality, nothing more nothing else something that is presentable to make your game look professional your gonna have to offer more.

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