Potentially malicious links needs to be taken more seriously

Some of you may be aware that yesterday there was a site that was being kept in #resources:community-resources which failed to comply with GDPR legislation in addition to exposing users to NSFW content without sufficient moderation to keep the site safe.

This post was locked and unlisted, however I don’t really feel this was enough giving the threat I believe it posed to users of this forum.

I feel links which fail to comply with pretty much any law, especially data security laws such as the GDPR in addition to containing NSFW content should be handled with much higher severity, coming under:

Therefor resulting in a situational 2-3 strikes to the user’s account.

The safety of resources in #resources:community-resources is something that should never be allowed to be compromised, since if we lose that security that every link we click, and every file we download is going to be safe, then, well, you might as well just replace the category with a link to the roblox toolbox.

There is also the matter that this is a public category and can be viewed by anyone and therefor in general has to comply with roblox expectations, imagine if a young child ended up going through this link and having their data sold / being exposed to inappropriate content.

Quick poll:

  • Should be taken more seriously
  • Should not be taken more seriously

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I agree, this link has been posted again in that category. In that category, I had also seen a malicious free model link. Those types of links should be taken more seriously.


I 100% agree with you. Roblox needs to take things more seriously when malicious content or links are posted in the Devforum, especially in public categories where you are potentially exposing young children to these kind of stuff. This is not ok and should therfor be dealt with more seriously.

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I temporarily moderated for said site and the intentions of the owner were good, he was just stupid when trying to advertise it as better than the DF plus had trial mods w/ no moderation power when the site was being raided. Not defending them, just saying that we all need to be careful with what we link in the future.


Mhm, this was my main reason for having it be a situational 2-3 strikes instead of a blanket ban.

While his intentions were not harmful, it still could pose a serious threat to the dev forum’s younger users / even external users since its a public catagory and therefor should still be treated as such.


I agree, malicious links are called malicious links for a reason.

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I fully agree, to be honest any link outside of ROBLOX site should be double check by ROBLOX moderator before even getting sent to public on Devforum. I say that won’t be a waste of moderation use and/or resources, but people may argue that most kids won’t see this site whatsoever and/or know that it even exist, I usually counterargue that with It's a Federal Law, and ROBLOX rules. Either way everyone is entitled to their own opinion.


I completely agree with this, because while richer people and youtubers are higher targets it happens with many people regardless everyday. And more well known people are lucky to be able to get it resolved quickly because many people know that person, because if there was a regular person just happening to get their account taken, and they dont have a big reach they are kinda doomed.