Practicing Terrain Day 3

Thank you for all the feedback on Practicing Terrain Day 2 . Today I wanted to make a little scene and I hope you find it nice!

As always feedback is appreciated!!


I’m not sure if the low poly assets actually look good with the terrain but, I decided to try it.


Based on your previous terrain work, this is a major improvement, great job! However, I noticed that there are some things to fix up.

  1. There are some some grass on the bottom of the river. I would suggest only using sand and rocks.

  2. The river ends suddenly, If I was floating down the river, I wouldn’t want to hit some dirt at the end. :stuck_out_tongue:


Its looking rather good. If you keep up at this rate you can be great at it in no time!


Looks really good! I would just remove the grass in the river/waterfall, as that looks out of place.


It looks good I really like. But I don’t like how to the trees and rocks just are like low-poly in a realistic looking environment.


This is definitely an improvement over the previous days. My suggestion is to play around with terrain coloring & lighting. (I believe you can change terrain colors in the terrain object found in workspace)


While this scene is very good, in my opinion the low poly assets don’t really go well with the terrain. Usually when people use terrain, they go for a realistic look. My point is, the assets do look good, but I definitely suggest changing them to something a bit more realistic. Other than that, keep up the great work!

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Looks amazing once again! And I see you used the Waterfall Plugin I told you about. Just want your thoughts but what do you think of the plugin?
Also I don’t really know what feedback to give as I don’t really use terrain

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That looks amazing for your third day. Nice work.

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Look very sick, nice work :+1:

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Thank you for the plugin! I love it, its very useful