Practicing Terrain [SECOND WEEK DONE]

Hey guys! It’s been a whole week since I’ve posted, and I’ve come up with another scene! I hope you will like it!!

You can see the first week here.

And if you have any suggestions please say them!

I’ll start practicing with different biomes next week!

Also, thanks to @Ahlvie for the Map Design Tutorial You guys should check it out!

Game (put graphics to at least 5): village showcase - Roblox

If you feel like anything is out of place let me know!


I forgot to delete the dummy but it’s not there anymore.

There’s more to see so join the game :wink:


You nailed it! The terrain is uneven and realistic, which is how it should be. The models also look very good and match the terrain. There is nothing I can spot wrong. :smile:


Hi there,

Your work here looks really great! The terrain and building work is especially good. I’m very impressed with how you used my tutorial!

I would recommend looking into texturing work to bring out your build even more. You can look at websites such as to find good high quality seamless textures. If you need any advice on doing this, let me know.


Alright, thank you for the advice!!

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JESUS CHRIST, this is some next level stuff right here. I’m loving what your doing keep it up.

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